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gADS P Biotec YOUR PATH TO DISCOVERY FixativePak™ & CYTOFlex™ First-ln-Class Reagents For Cytogenetics ADS Biotec introduces FixativePak™ & CYTOFlex™ Optimized Reagents for Cytogenetics ADS BIOTEC manufactures custom reagents and liquid consumables for the cytogenetics and biological sciences. Our next generation of reagents for cytogenetics include the FixativePak™ & CYTOFlex™ reagents, created specifically for laboratories demanding unmatched harvesting quality, convenience and consistency every time. FixativePak™ Methanol & Acetic Acid Reagent Pack High quality Methanol and Acetic Acid SP2050 is conveniently packaged proportionately in (3) bottles Methanol and (1) bottle of Acetic Acid. Each reagent is dedicated for use in preparing FIXATIVE Solutions for Metaphase Chromosome Analysis. Fully integrated for installation directly on the HANABI Harvester In-Line Fixative Mixer (HANABI-SPI) Accessory, or for standalone lab preparation of fixative. The FixativePak™ contains 2.5 L amber bottles, 4 bottles per box. CYTOFlex™ Hypotonic Reagents For Cytogenetics CYTOFlex™ HYPO item number 554312 is a potassium chloride hypotonic solution with a 0.075M concentration and 554314 0.063 M potassium chloride. The solutions are in the pH range 5.8 to 6.5 and ready to use. The Hypotonic comes packaged in convenient 1.4L bags, 5 bags\case. Features and Benefits - Convenient operation - Time savings - Consistency and Stability - Ready to Use - Safety and Handling - Fully Integrated with your Hanabi Harvester - Environmentally Friendly Packaging

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8 ADS 9, Biotec YOUR PATH TO DISCOVERY Reagents In Your Lab FixativePak™ & CYTOFlex™ First-In-Class Reagents For Cytogenetics Four Reasons To Implement FixativePak™ & CYTOFlex™ Optimized Optimized Performance Products are specially developed for optimal performance of your Harvesting System using high-quality raw materials. Your Benefit — Less time mixing chemicals, more time analyzing results. Controlled Production Methods We manufacture within our ISO-9001:2015 certified production facility. Reagents are prepared in clean and controlled environment and blanketed with inert gas to prevent...

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