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QUICKGENE-Autol 2S & 24S Nucleic Acid Isolation Systems - YOUR PATH TO DISCOVERY The QuickGene-Auto12S & 24S systems are the latest high-throughput fully automated systems developed by Kurabo, requiring no centrifugation during the Nucleic Acid Isolation process, enabling rapid Nucleic Acid Isolation and delivering high yield and purity of samples. DNA & RNA can be easily and quickly isolated from various samples including whole blood/tissue/cells/plants/viruses and others. The QuickGene-Auto12S & 24S systems utilize pre-filled reagent strips maximizing operational flexibility and preventing cross-contamination. Both systems offer a fully automated extraction solution for up to 12 or 24 samples using minimal laboratory bench space and feature the revolutionary QuickGene porous membrane that guarantees high yield, high quality DNA & RNA. Features and Benefits - Benchtop size - High purity & yield - UV irradiation - Fully automated - 200pl of sample - Increased Laboratory Productivity -Touch screen control panel - Up to 12 or 24 samples - Low maintenance and ease of use - Independent channels to avoid contamination

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8 ADS x Biotec YOUR PATH TO DISCOVERY QUICKGENE-Autol 2S & 24SNucleic Acid Isolation Systems_ Revolutionary Porous Membrane 1/10 thinner membrane compared to typical glass fiber delivering High purity and longer DNAdue to gentle air pressure. Conventional glass fiber membrane QuickCene porous Pre-filled Reagent Strips Wide Range of Applications System Image Internal Diagram Throughput Sample volume Processing time Elution volume Size (mm) Weight Power supply Ordering Information Instrument Reagent kits ADS Biotec, Inc. 7409 Irvington Road, Omaha, NE 68122 USA Contact Information...

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