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WAVE Optimized® Pak and WAVE Optimized® HT Pak - 1

the Power of Discovery ® Discovery® WAVE Optimized® Pak and WAVE Optimized® HT Pak The Transgenomic WAVE Optimized Pak and WAVE Optimized HT Pak have been developed to provide convenience and maximum savings for the researcher using the WAVE® System 3500 and 4500, or the WAVE System 3500HT and 4500HT in the detection of genetic variation. Benefits Enough consumables in one Pak to run 62 plates Lower operating costs Significant savings over individual consumables list price WAVE Optimized Buffers are ready to use and decrease variability in results All necessary standards to verify system performance All lots QC tested on WAVE Systems

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WAVE Optimized® Pak and WAVE Optimized® HT Pak - 2

Figure 1. Repetitive WAVE® Low-Range Mutation Standard Injections 10 µL Injection #500 One of the advantages of WAVE Optimized Buffers is stability. Because the buffers are manufactured under an inert atmosphere, they are stable during storage and after the bottles are opened. From the first to last drop of WAVE Optimized Buffer A and B, retention of the heteroduplexes and resolution of the homoduplexes were reproducible for 500 consecutive injections. Injection #400 Injection #300 Injection #200 Injection #100 Injection #5 Figure 2. Repetitive WAVE® DNA Sizing Control Sample Injections 10...

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