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CHALLENGES OF TRADITIONAL OPTICAL MICROSCOPES FOR EVERY INCH THE HEAD MOVES FORWARD, THE HEAD, NECK AND UPPER BACK MUSCLES MUST SUPPORT AN ADDITIONAL 2 | SEE MORE. STAND TALL. Torso positions, such as forward flexion, lateral bending and axial twisting are associated with back pain. (2) (1) Kapandji A. The Physiology of the Joints. Volume 3. 6th ed. London: Churchill Livingstone; 2008. (2) Keyserling WM, Punnett L, Fine LJ. Trunk Posture and Back Pain: Identification and Control of Occupational Risk Factors. Applied Industrial Hygiene; 3(3):87–92. (3) Kerstin Pingel. 7 Tips For Better...

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FLAWED ERGONOMICS TAKE A TOLL ON THE HEALTH AND PERFORMANCE OF SURGEONS. Potential consequences of this physical stress: Headaches, Chronic pain Exhaustion (3) of surgeons performed fewer operations due to injury. (5) neurosurgeons report pain after a day of surgery. (4) Muscular pain in the head, neck and back which can radiate down the arms (3) THE SURGEON FACES SEVERAL CHALLENGES WITH THE CURRENT TECHNOLOGY VISION Small depth of field and field of view Neck and back pain Manual repositioning and lack of robotic arm Risk of burns from xenon light Inconvenient fluorescence imaging Only the...

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Aesculap Aeos® ROBOTIC-ASSISTED DIGITAL SURGICAL MICROSCOPE PLATFORM SURGICAL DIFFERENTIATORS WELCOME TO THE NEXT GENERATION SURGICAL VISUALIZATION SYSTEM The user experience and overall concept of traditional optical microscopes have remained materially the same for over 20 years. Surgeons are tethered to their oculars which often forces them to choose between the view they need versus the view that’s comfortable. Aesculap Aeos® upends all of that with an innovative design ushering in a new era of intra perative worko flows and a new, more ergonomic way for surgeons to see their patients....

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ecnectsocrnecF eroulhtiweyFluorescencegFibaedartDigitaltiilibaedarggiU y i hcsedar i i ti y t a sci3DeImaging R ctnlebawroullpU h glwUg Platforml ti p d iptiy d ylluF e boul s F gnigaminigami erawtnigewen t fos wen erawt fos wen g fosamiw g ra | 5

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Aesculap Aeos® ROBOTIC-ASSISTED DIGITAL SURGICAL MICROSCOPE PLATFORM ADVANTAGES UPGRADE YOUR ERGONOMICS ❙ Heads-up positioning frees the surgeon from the microscope ocular tether allowing the surgeon, not the microscope, to dictate ergonomics ❙ Due to the integrated 3D monitor on the flexible boom arm, the surgeon is able to work more ergononomically and gains flexibility regarding the OR set-up ❙ Good repositioning with look over design paired with robotic arm ❙ Option for hands-free, full functionality with wireless foot switch ❙ Handgrip and wireless foot switch controls are custom...

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SURGEON-CONTROLLED PRECISION ROBOTICS ❙ Fully robotic arm features six degrees of freedom and provides a range of repositioning options: ❙ Assisted drive ❙ Micro movements ❙ Waypoints ❙ Lock-on target ❙ Hands-free via wireless foot switch ❙ Handgrip and wireless foot switch controls are custom tailored for each user ecnecseroulF gnigami htiw y tilibaedarg erawt fos wen WHO BENEFITS? SURGEONS Convenient manual positioning (1) OR TEAM Easy draping TRAINING View angles previously challenging with traditional optical microscopes HOSPITAL Ability to incorporate robotic neurosurgery into...

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Aesculap Aeos® ROBOTIC-ASSISTED DIGITAL SURGICAL MICROSCOPE PLATFORM ADVANTAGES SEE WHAT YOU’VE BEEN MISSING ❙ 3D 4K imaging paired with High Dynamic Range (HDR) ❙ Full-time 3D allows surgeons to focus on the task at hand without worrying about 2D-to-3D magnification requirements ❙ 10x optical zoom delivers full resolution, regardless of magnification level ❙ Cool field due to direct LED illlumination, coaxial illumination leads to superior illumination in deep and narrow cavities (1) scitoboR WHO BENEFITS? SURGEONS Excellent depth of field enhances focus on the patient (1) OR TEAM...

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FLUORESCENCE-GUIDED SURGERY IN A WHOLE NEW LIGHT ❙ 3D digital fluorescence in DUV400 ultraviolet and DIR800 infrared light modes ❙ Backlight illumination aids visualization of nearby non-fluorescing structures without switching back to white light ❙ Augmented Reality (AR) capabilities in DUV400 ultraviolet light mode provide additional insights from combined fluorescence and white light images ecnecseroulF gnigami htiw y tilibaedargpU erawt fos wen latigid ylluF WHO BENEFITS? SURGEONS Enhanced working comfort without toggling between fluorescence and white light (1) OR TEAM Full OR team...

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Aesculap Aeos® ROBOTIC-ASSISTED DIGITAL SURGICAL MICROSCOPE PLATFORM ADVANTAGES ❙ Digitally augment on-screen images with multiple imaging modes ❙ Future-proof your investment with software updates and an upgradeable digital platform ❙ Unlimited profiles allow customized user settings for each surgeon and / or procedure ❙ Plug-and-play integration with neuroendoscopes and other imaging technologies (2) latigid ylluF WHO BENEFITS? SURGEONS See more OR TEAM Visualization on one or several 3D screens, therefore full OR team involvement (2) Video output: SDI or HDMI output required 10 | SEE...

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CLINICAL APPLICATIONS ❙ Designed specifically with cranial and spinal neurosurgery in mind ❙ For use with patients undergoing microsurgery within its indications for use. It must not be used for ophthalmology. For more details, see IFU Heads-up surgery design is PPE-friendly, allowing for more freedom of movement and easing the burden of increased PPE requirements.

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Aesculap Aeos® SERVICE PROFESSIONAL. RELIABLE. TRANSPARENT. YOUR ADVANTAGES ❙ Reliable on-site service ❙ Safeguards your valuable equipment ❙ Reducing downtime ❙ Individual risk covering OUR OFFER A WIDE RANGE SERVICE PACKAGE FOR YOUR VALUABLE MEDICAL EQUIPMENT ❙ Transparent service agreement ❙ Clearly defined service scope lap Technical scu Se 12 | SEE MORE. STAND TALL.

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Manufacturer service Always at your service Fully trained and qualified service technicians use original equipment to guarantee the quality service of your medical devices. We follow and adhere to all regulatory standards to safeguard patient and user integrity. We provide a global network of service hubs which enables our technicians to offer a fast and efficient preventative service process. Our service hubs are located worldwide to guarantee a quick turn around time for your Aesculap Aeos® system. You will find your nearest service hub, response times and contact details in your service...

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