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Aesculap®  EinsteinVision® 2.0 - 1

Aesculap Endoscopic Technology Benchmark in 3 D Cardiac Surgery

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Aesculap® EinsteinVision® 2.0 Benchmark in 3D cardiac surgery

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Aesculap®  EinsteinVision® 2.0 - 3

Aesculap Endoscopic Technology Innovation for Cardiac Surgery With EinsteinVision® 2.0 Aesculap Endosocopy introduces the evolution of their 3D system With this generation the product becomes even more user friendly with a smaller and lighter camera head the already impressive 3D image quality has been refined a new sterile handling concept for camera and endoscope has been introduced EinsteinVision® – benchmark in 3D cardiac surgery The native Full HD resolution provides razor-sharp images. The optical components deliver impressive 3D depth and even image illumination. Using the experience...

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Aesculap®  EinsteinVision® 2.0 - 4

Aesculap® EinsteinVision® 2.0 Benchmark in 3D cardiac surgery Additional novel features EinsteinVision® - consistent image quality EinsteinVision® - cable management Reprocessing and sterilisation is the major cause of image degradation and subsequent loss of quality in fragile optical components. With the new ‘all-in-one concept’ the light cable is fed through the camera head directly into the endoscope reducing the number of cables in the sterile field. The optical camera system never needs to be autoclaved when using the EinsteinVision ® single-use sterile drape. Thus no aging occurs...

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Aesculap®  EinsteinVision® 2.0 - 5

Aesculap Endoscopic Technology Innovation for Minimal Invasive Surgery Sterile product handling concept EinsteinVision® - innovative sterile concept The new Aesculap sterile concept utilises a sterile single use drape which hermetically seals the complete endoscope, the camera and its cable. It is used as a sterile barrier between patient and camera system. The process – no change in existing practice using a sterile drape The use – camera system remains in the theatre and is always ready for use The quality – the integrated glass cover on the distal end of the sterile drape provides a...

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Aesculap®  EinsteinVision® 2.0 - 6

Aesculap® EinsteinVision® 2.0 Benchmark in 3D cardiac surgery 3D camera control unit Light source, 300 W Xenon Camera holder for trolley EinsteinVision ® 2.0 camera system, 0°, 10 mm EinsteinVision ® 2.0 camera system, 30°, 10 mm Sterile drape for 0° camera system Sterile drape for 30° camera system 3D polarization glasses (pack of 15), standard 3D polarization glasses (pack of 5), deluxe

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Aesculap®  EinsteinVision® 2.0 - 7

Aesculap Endoscopic Technology Unitrac® Pneumatic Retraction System Convenient True single hand operation: Position – release – stable Infinitely variable adjustment Air cartridge for pneumatic supported constant holding force Universal Can be combined with a large variety of instruments Suitable for a wide range of indications Use anywhere – independent from compressed air or electric socket Easy No electronic components Quick sterile set-up with sterile cover eliminates reprocessing cost and makes Unitrac available immediately for the next procedure Remains stable even if compressed air...

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Aesculap®  EinsteinVision® 2.0 - 8

Manufacturer acc. MDD 93/42/EEC Schölly Fiberoptic GmbH | Robert-Bosch-Str. 1-3 | 79211 Denzlingen | Germany The main product trademark ‘Aesculap’ and the product trademarks ‘EinsteinVision’ and ‘Unitrac’ are registered trademarks of Aesculap AG. Aesculap AG | Am Aesculap-Platz | 78532 Tuttlingen | Germany Phone +49 7461 95-0 | Fax +49 7461 95-26 00 | Subject to technical changes. All rights reserved. This brochure may only be used for the exclusive purpose of obtaining information about our products. Reproduction in any form partial or otherwise is not permitted. Aesculap...

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