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Aesculap Electrosurgery Nelson® deluxe Innovative electrosurgery

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The perfect cut POWER CUT This mode delivers four different coagulation effect options. The special output characteristics allow the user to make reproducible and tissue-sparing cuts. Nelson deluxe is new, cutting-edge and unique. Nelson stands for “New Electrosurgical Solutions” and constitutes a new generation of Aesculap devices in the ”crème de la crème” of electrosurgery. MICRO CUT What’s outstanding about MICRO CUT is the automatic cutting control that protects tissues with absolutely minimum output – regardless of the type of tissue, cutting speed or electrode geometry. BICUT With...

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Nelson® deluxe - 3

Perfect coagulation SOFT COAG When it comes to coagulation with the Nelson deluxe, the possibilities are virtually endless. The device offers an optimal solution for each and every task. It’s the safest and most tissue-sparing coagulation available today. This is the safest and most tissue-sparing monopolar punctate coagulation technique. SOFT COAG eliminates adverse cutting effects, thereby achieving potent diathermy deep in the body, with minimal necrosis. The risk of the working electrode sticking to the tissue is drastically reduced. That’s why SOFT COAG is the coagulation mode of...

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Nelson® deluxe - 4

Safety Automatic self-test Each time the device is activated, it automatically runs a self-test of all functions. Attachments are also checked during this self-test. Continuous output management At Aesculap, nothing takes precedence over safety. The Nelson deluxe is equipped with all the safety functions that you expect from today’s top-quality medical equipment. Continuous index vs. actual value comparison of HF output. If Nelson deluxe detects an error, HF activation is immediately blocked. Permanent Dynamic Monitoring (PDM) When divided indifferent electrodes are applied, the PDM system...

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Comfort The new Aesculap HF device delivers an unprecedented level of user friendliness. All device functions are controlled from a central task bar. A wide variety of integrated functions offers intelligent solutions that make daily work run smoothly. Central information display The clearest Aesculap information display ever. With this display you have everything in view! Program memory Data can be saved separately in each of 14 programs. If the surgeon finds a device setting he or she particularly favours, the setting can be saved with the push of a button. Standard programs In order to...

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Attachments and ordering information GN640 Nelson deluxe electrosurgical device, monopolar/bipolar, without power cord or attachments Vario double foot switch, explosion-proof, cable 4 m Electrode handle with double ”fingertip” buttons Cable for electrode handle, 5.0 m Set of electrodes containing 12 different electrodes, diam. 4.0 mm, rack and holder Disposable split neutral electrode, (package of 50 pieces) for children and adults, 110 cm2 Cable for disposable electrodes, 5.0 m Cable for bipolar Aesculap instruments Cable for monopolar Aesculap instruments with 4 mm connector Apart from...

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Technical data Article number Utility supply Safety Class directive 93/42/EEC Protection level

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