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AGA Transfusion chair BSL-1065/G

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The blood donation chair was designed for use in blood collection/donation, blood transfusion or infusion (IV) therapy. In order to bring a collapsing patient as quickly as possible in the shock position, preference was given to a gas pressure spring adjustment mechanism over one by electric motor. 1 BSL-1065/G, TS-450, LR-75, HRM-14/Band By activating the gas pressure spring with the foot release lever that is easily accessible from three sides, the chair can be brought from the seated position continuously into the shock position by raising the foot section. The armrests are automatically adjusted with the chair frame. The patients do not need to change their body or arm positions. Options & Accessories • The wide base of the frame, equipped with levelling feet to compensate for uneven floors, ensures a high stability.The three upholstered sections have a thickness of 64 mm. • The armrests are quickly adjustable in height, tilt and direction and easily locked in place to ensure a comfortable arm position for the donor or patient. • A pair of armrests with mounting clamps are included. A gas pressure spring mechanism for the adjustment of the back and foot section (Article No. RUF-D/B) allows continuous adjustment into the reclining and horizontal positions (not retrofittable) Castors are available instead of the levelling feet provided. With the castors (Article No. LR-75, 075 mm, two are lockable), the seating height increases by 100 mm. The standard castors LR-75, are also available with 0125 mm (Article No. LR-125). Extension table (Article No. TS-450), continuously adjustable in height, tilt, direction; for use as a tray or support for reading material or tablet. Paper roll holder (PU-6000) mounted at the head end. Neck roll with strap (Article No. HRM-14/Band). AGA Sanitatsartikel GmbH Lohner Strasse 198b, D-32584 Lohne, Germany Tel: +49 (0)5731 82283 •

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