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Maestro 3D Dental System Innovative solutions for dental applications

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AGE Solutions started in 2007 from an idea of two ex researchers of the C.N.R. (National Research Council) of Pisa, Italy, specialized in the elaboration, visualization, comparison and processing of three-dimensional data and creating of three-dimensional acquisition systems. The origins of AGE Solutions are to be found in the common passion of two founder members about the computer graphics and in the technical-scientific background that was matured during the years of permanence inside of the V.C.L. (Visual Computer Lab) of ISTI-C.N.R. of Pisa, Italy. AGE Solutions is a company that...

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Technical Specifications Plug & Play Texture Color Superimposition Impression scanning Customizable scanning strategy Object movement Operating voltage Scan surface Output formats Scanner dimensions Operating temperature Approved Regulations 2, high-res with high quality lenses rotary table, 1 or 2 axis Texture Color Superimposition module This module is useful to obtain models with a RGB color texture or grey scale. For example it helps create very accurate margin lines as marked on the model. Automatic the scan of any models is totally automatic and doesn't need any manual user...

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Ortho Studio is a dedicated software package used for the inspection, editing and analysis, using high-quality 3D data of patient's cases scanned with Maestro 3D Dental Scanner. It is accompanied by a free viewer that allows to distribute the digital models to the customers. Available for PC and IPad. Powerful it's a robust and accurate instrument for editing, inspect and analyze all patient cases. Complete in addition to editing operations on the models, it's able to handle Patient, Surgery and Doctor info using AGE DB. Fast it allows in a few minutes to perform all analysis operations....

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Virtual Setup module The module allows to move the teeth of both arches evaluating distances and collisions and automatically build a set of virtual models and clear aligners ready to be - Teeth segmentation. - Tooth extraction. - Attachment designer. - Label designer. - Brackets module. - Smart and fast sculpt toolkit. Maestro ID Ortho Studio Attachment designer Label designer Brackets module Interproximal reduction Remove excess parts in order to save material and speed up the printing process.

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Models Repair module Automatically repairs models that come from other scanners and especially from intraoral scanners. - remove defects of geometry. Models Builder module Automatic construction of virtual models ready to be sent to a 3D printer. Maestro 3D Ortho Studio iPad Viewer It allows viewing of 3D models that were created in Ortho Studio. The viewer provides for zooming, panning and full 3D rotation of the models. Specific data about the model, patient, etc. are also displayed on screen. Models are downloaded and then saved on the iPad for future review. Clear aligner module...

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Automatic pontic placement and powerful editing tools to adjust size and shape of the pontic. All the design operations can be done in few simple steps using the default predefined parameters. Smart and fast sculpt toolkit in order to improve the overlay and pontic modeling. Up to 16 unit bridge design with real time feedback and control of all the modeling operations. Accurate fully customizable anatomy library with the possibility to import the own anatomy set. Automatic margin line detection and easy editing of margin line. Automatic undercut detection and removal. Advanced connectors...

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Rvenue Rinalda Piaggio, 32

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