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400-DS Dissolution Apparatus 7


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Unsurpassed Commitment to Innovation The 400-DS Dissolution Apparatus 7 is the result of Agilent’s strong commitment to innovation in the areas of automation and integration for dissolution testing. The 400-DS is specially designed for small-volume dissolution testing of combinatorial drug products such as drug eluting stents (DES), extractables and leachables, and other extended-release pharmaceutical products. The technological advances that Agilent has incorporated into the 400-DS represent several milestones in the field of small-volume dissolution testing — bathless heating, custom...

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The rst compendial small-volume apparatus for testing medical devices Using simplified testing options, the 400-DS is ideal for small amounts of slowly releases active pharmaceutical ingredients (API). The 400-DS meets all compendial requirements of USP Apparatus 7 and operates at significantly lower volumes of media than are common in this type of product testing. The small volume of the 5 and 10 mL dissolution cells, with the ability to handle media volumes as low as 3 mL , provides significant gains in sample concentration for UV or LC analysis while virtually eliminating evaporation...

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400-DS Dissolution Apparatus 7 - 4

Product Highlights The 400-DS is an integrated USP Dissolution Apparatus 7 with media replacement and autosampling functionalities built into the body of the apparatus. A variety of custom reciprocating holders are available, allowing you the exibility to test a range of combinatorial drug products. The heating jacket around the dissolution cell saves you time and maintenance; no water bath is required. Built-in temperature probes ensure reliable and accurate results. Sampling ports at the base of the dissolution cell ensure reliable autosampling at the dened timepoints. A multiport valve...

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Media Replacement The integrated fluidics module of the 400-DS features a syringe pump system for reproducible sampling and supports automated partial or The 400-DS is controlled by Windows®-based PC software which is total media replacement capabilities. capable of storing the operating parameters and method data required Dissolution Cell Design for an electronic records, 21 CFR Part 11 environment. • A glass tube, open at both ends, is placed on top of the A relational database is used for test result storage, archival fluidics module. • A heating jacket surrounds each tube (no water bath...

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Agilent 400-DS Dissolution Apparatus 7 Agilent is known for developing state-of-the-art technology and exceptional products. With the 2010 addition of Varian Inc., we now For more information on the 400-DS please go to: offer an an even greater range of instrumentation, as well as the most comprehensive columns and supplies portfolio in the market. Just as important are the best-in-class service and technical support teams with deep expertise focused on nding solutions for our customers. Our customers are engaged in a broad range of endeavors, from...

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