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5010 Height/Center Qualification


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5010 Height/Center Qualification - 1

DATA SHEET 5010 Height/Center Qualication Station The Agilent 5010 Height/Center Qualication Station for dissolution apparatus provides pharmaceutical laboratories with fast and convenient measurements of shaft centerline and paddle or basket height. Key Benets Fast and accurate. Spend less time performing mechanical qualication. Get instantaneous digital readings for shaft centering and paddle or basket height measurement. Reproducible. Eliminate misreading associated with manual tools, which are difcult to read within the dissolution apparatus. Digital sensors ensure consistent results. Compliant. Be condent knowing that your measurements will be accurately obtained to document conformance with USP, FDA and ASTM standards for mechanical qualication of dissolution apparatus. Convenient and portable. This rechargeable, battery-operated instrument allows you to quickly move from one apparatus to the next. The non-volatile memory can store critical information for up to 30 dissolution apparatus.

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5010 Height/Center Qualification - 2

The Agilent 5010 Height/Center Qualication Station provides accurate and reproducible calibration of any dissolution apparatus built to allow access to the stirring elements and vessels during operation. Reliable Physical Parameter Verication The electronic measurement system digitally determines shaft centerline offset and paddle/basket height for improved accuracy over manual gauges. There is no need for technicians to interpret distances or rely on visual estimation common with manual gauges. The Agilent 5010 utilizes NIST-calibrated, portable sensors, which easily mount on the shafts...

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5010 Height/Center Qualification - 3

Humidity (non-condensing) Voltage requirements Current requirements Fuse requirements Height range Height accuracy Centerline range Centerline accuracy Up to 30 apparatus at 8 vessels per apparatus Height: 18.5 cm (7.25 in.) Width: 24.1 cm (9.5 in.) Depth: 19.7 cm (7.75 in.) Equipment weight Ordering Information Product Description Agilent 5010, 115 V and 230 V, includes gauges and accessories Carrying case, hard plastic with cutouts for instrument and gauges To learn more about Dissolution Testing, visit us at This information is subject to change...

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