Agilent 200 Series Atomic Absorption Spectrometers - 12 Pages

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Agilent 200 Series Atomic Absorption Spectrometers

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PRODUCTIVE, PRECISE, RELIABLE. Agilent’s AA range is productive, user-friendly and exceptionally reliable. The instruments deliver the high performance that analysts require, while being equally at home in routine laboratories where reliability and simple operation are vital. A family of Atomic Absorption solutions • Double your productivity with Agilent’s AA Duo, the world’s only AA systems that provide true simultaneous operation of flame and graphite furnace without changeover delays. • Agilent’s 240 AA combines flexibility with reliable hardware, providing budget-sensitive users with a...

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FOR YOUR APPLICATION Agilent is committed to providing solutions for your application. We have the technology, platforms, and expert guidance you need to be successful. INDUSTRIAL CHEMICAL & FOOD & PETROCHEMICAL ENVIRONMENTAL AGRICULTURE Pb & Cd in consumer goods e.g., toys, jewelry Ca, Cr, Cu, Fe, K, Mg & Na in plating solutions Na & K in FAME (fatty acid methyl esters) Pb & Mn in unleaded gasoline Heavy metals in soils Chemical analysis of cement Zn & Sb in paper Ca, Cr, Cu, Fe, K, Mg & Na in plating solutions Wear metals in used oils Additives (e.g. Ba, Ca, Mn & Zn) in fresh lubricating...

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AGILENTAA SPECTROMETERS AGILENT 5100 ICP-OES THE FASTEST FLAME AA. Achieve the productivity and speed of sequential ICP with Agilent’s Fast Sequential (FS) AA systems. Agilent’s FS systems deliver productivity and profitability for your lab. 240FS/280FS AA How does Fast Sequential AA work? By measuring all elements in a single analysis of each sample, Agilent’s Fast Sequential AA provides complete results for each sample in minutes. In addition to saving you valuable time and doubling sample throughput, the 240FS/280FS AA also reduce running costs. 1. etermination time is optimized as the...

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INDUSTRIAL & PETROCHEMICAL Whether you are analyzing raw materials and components, or conducting product testing, robust reliable solutions are essential to your success. Agilent's AA range is ideal for mid-sized laboratories handling a wide variety of sample types such as feed or reagents, intermediate and final products, samples from cooling systems, waste products and final residues or effluents. Conventional AA determines only one element at a time, so samples are analyzed time and time again during a multi-elementsequence Using Fast Sequential AA, samples are only aspir; measured...

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AGILENTAA SPECTROMETERS AGILENT 5100 ICP-OES THE MOST SENSITIVE FURNACE AA. Graphite furnace AA is the preferred technique for ppb level determinations of toxic, heavy metals such as Pb and Cd. The 240Z/280Z AA with Zeeman background correction provides superior furnace performance and accurate background correction to eliminate interferences. 240Z/280Z AA Zeeman dedicated GFAA The 240Z/280Z AA features Zeeman background correction for correction over the full wavelength range, structured background, spectral interferences and high background absorbances. The 240FS/240Z AA Duo system offers...

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The world’s best Zeeman AA PRECISE SOLUTIONS FOR ENVIRONMENTAL Zeeman background correction has been widely accepted by international regulatory agencies (such as the US EPA) as the most effective background correction technique for regulated environmental analyses. In a field that demands accuracy, productivity and regulatory compliance, your challenges have never been greater. Today, environmental analysis must be done more reliably, more efficiently, and with even higher quality results. Agilent Zeeman systems feature the transverse AC modulated Zeeman configuration with the field...

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AGILENTAA SPECTROMETERS AGILENT 5100 ICP-OES MEET YOUR ANALYSIS CHALLENGES. With an extensive range of accessories to extend the capabilities of Agilent AA instruments, you can meet all your analysis challenges. SIPS 20 Eliminate manual dilution errors SIPS provides better accuracy and reproducibility than manual dilution Agilent’s Sample Introduction Pump Systems (SIPS) improve productivity with a range of unique benefits for flame AA. SIPS dilution performance Actual Conc. mg/L • Performs online spiking of samples for spike recovery studies • Enhances accuracy and precision — with < 2%...

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RELIABLE SOLUTIONS FOR FOOD & AGRICULTURE Agilent’s integrated GTA 120 Graphite Tube Atomizer provides superior furnace performance, no matter how difficult the sample, making them ideal for applications as diverse as chemical, petrochemical, food and agriculture. You are committed to providing food, beverages and agricultural products of consistent quality and uncompromising safety. Agilent provides products and services to help you deliver on that promise. • Extremely fast atomization even with difficult sample matrices • Best signal-to-noise, due to the long atomization cell. This...

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AGILENTAA SPECTROMETERS AGILENT 5100 ICP-OES BE SURE OF YOUR ANSWERS. With the world’s fastest flame AA, the world’s most sensitive furnace AA, straightforward software and unmatched instrument ruggedness and reliability, you can be sure that an Agilent AA will give you answers you can trust. Tune your flame AA performance Application flexibility The Mark 7 atomization system provides the capability to routinely handle high matrix samples, and the flexibility to achieve high sensitivity. Achieve precise results quickly and handle complex matrices with Agilent’s flexible and convenient Mark...

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SOFTWARE TO SIMPLIFY YOUR ANALYSIS. User friendly software with all instrument controls, sample results and signal graphics accessible from one window. • guided through every aspect of analysis, such as setting up Be a Fast Sequential sequence or creating custom racks and layouts for use with the SPS 4. • Save on downtime and running costs by tracking the operating lifetime of key consumables such as lamps, electrodes and pump tubing. For GLP compliance, you can also track how many replicates or samples have been run. • Eliminate method development and automate furnace optimization with the...

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