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Agilent .• • •. ' Trusted Answers Agilent 5900 ICP-OES The smart way to high productivity and low cost of ownership

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Supercharge Your Lab’s Business The smart Agilent 5900 is designed to get the right answer faster than any other instrument, with the lowest cost per sample. Measuring a sample per minute with reliable results and low argon consumption maximizes return on investment.

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Minimize ownership costs Argon use is a major contributor to the overall operating cost of an ICP-OES, with analysis time, argon gas flow rate, and purity requirements directly affecting it. –– Compatible with lower cost 99.99% purity Ar gas, further reducing gas costs by 50%. –– An innovative, smaller Freeform optical design improves analytical performance and reduces gas purge times by half. –– The 5900 measures samples in half the time and has the lowest argon consumption per sample1 of any ICP-OES instrument. Competitor’s instruments Reduce cost-per-sample Dramatically reduce your argon...

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Fast, accurate results in a single measurement Conventional dual view ICP-OES systems require you to set up a series of sequential measurements by selecting which elements are measured in axial mode, and which are measured in radial mode. This takes time, making sample throughput slow. The 5900 ICP-OES needs only a single measurement per sample-we call this Synchronous Vertical Dual View (SVDV). A unique optical component, the Dichroic Spectral Combiner (DSC), allows both the axial and radial views of the plasma to be captured in one reading. This delivers accurate results in the shortest...

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More uptime means more revenue Maintain peak performance, maximize instrument uptime, and avoid problems before they occur. The smart diagnostics built into the 5900 monitor and alert you when maintenance is required. Traffic light color-coding of the counters visually shows which maintenance activities should be done immediately, and which can wait. This early maintenance feedback system reduces downtime and repair costs by scheduling routine maintenance of components based on actual usage, rather than at set time intervals. The Neb Alert function provides real-time warning on...

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Learn More About Your Samples Get insight into what’s in your sample and how to best measure it IntelliQuant puts the power of an experienced analyst inside your instrument—and only Agilent has it IntelliQuant captures data from the entire wavelength range as each sample is measured, then uses this broader view to calculate the approximate concentration of up to 70 elements in a sample. By collecting more than just the data at the wavelengths nominated, IntelliQuant sees spectral interferences and provides you with recommendations to ensure you get the right answers every time. Running...

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Fast sample screening Spot sample preparation mistakes IntelliQuant Screening can be used to determine the approximate concentration of up to 70 elements in a sample within seconds. Ideal for: Did someone forget to put HCl in during the digestion process? By running your eye over the IntelliQuant results, shown as a heat map below, you can quickly identify whether Cl is present and know that the digestion was done correctly. The same approach can be used for most acids used for sample digestion. –– Method development assistance for unknown samples –– Trend analysis for batches of samples...

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Future-Proof your Lab with the ICP Technology Leader Meet the Agilent 5900 ICP-OES High performance with lower argon cost Innovative Freeform optics deliver low detection limits and high resolution, even when using 99.99% purity bottled argon. The optical layout is compact, so is quick to purge, reducing the wait time before samples can be measured. Resilient vertical torch The vertically oriented torch means less cleaning, less downtime and fewer replacement torches. A torch loader mechanism automatically aligns the torch and connects gases for fast startup and reproducible performance....

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The Agilent 5900 Synchronous Vertical Dual View (SVDV) ICP-OES Fast, accurate results in a single measurement A specialized optical component, the Dichroic Spectral Combiner, enables synchronous measurement of both views (axial and radial) of the plasma. Only one reading is needed per sample, delivering accurate results faster than any other ICP-OES. High-speed, intelligent detector A unique detection system delivers fast, simultaneous measurement over the full wavelength range, irrespective of concentration or signal strength. Detector advancements take smart software features to the next...

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Smart Utility Health Tracking Instrument monitoring to keep operations running smoothly Gas supply health tracking The 5900 monitors the spectral emission from argon for every sample. If the argon emission monitor shows that the emission is fluctuating, it could indicate a partial torch blockage or partial plasma quenching. The problem can be investigated, and sample results checked. Argon Intensity Plasma ignition health On-screen tips provide reminders to prevent common causes of plasma ignition failure. In the case of plasma ignition failure, onboard smart tools provide advice on remedies.

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Accessories Options to further enhance your workflow This flexible-configuration automatic sampler holds up to 360 samples. It is robust, easy to use, and ideal for unattended elemental analysis. The IsoMist is a temperature-controlled spray chamber. It can be adjusted between –10 and +60 °C. Lowering the temperature of the spray chamber improves the long-term stability of volatile organic solvent analysis. Application-specific sample introduction options Multimode Sample Introduction System (MSIS) A range of optimized torches and sample introduction kits is available for: MSIS provides...

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Agilent CrossLab: Real insight, real outcomes CrossLab goes beyond instrumentation to bring you services, consumables, and lab-wide resource management. So your lab can improve efficiency, optimize operations, increase instrument uptime, develop user skill, and more. From Insight to Outcome Learn more: Buy online: Get answers to your technical questions and access resources in the Agilent Community: U.S. and Canada 1-800-227-9770 Europe Asia Pacific...

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