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Agilent 5977B GC/MSD system

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Agilent .• • •. ' Trusted Answers The Source of New Possibilities Agilent 5977B GC/MSD system

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The Agilent 5977B GC/MSD system Instrument Reliability and Performance: The Keys to a Good Day in the Lab Improve your sample throughput, analytical performance, and business outcomes with the Agilent 5977B GC/MSD system. It’s built for labs that focus on applications such as environmental, chemical, petrochemical, food, forensic, pharmaceutical, and material testing. This powerful GC/MSD builds on a long track record of innovation, bringing together the technologies of the industry’s best GC and MS systems. Agilent has pushed the technological frontier even further by introducing the...

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Counts (%) vs. Acquisition Time (min) Take advantage of the improved sensitivity and see detection limits as low as 1.5 fg IDL. The 5977B GC/MSD brings yesterday's triple quadrupole limits of detection into today's single-quadrupole laboratory. Analytical Challenge    Agilent 5977B HES Cystem Benefits - Design innovations increase performance for high sensitivity More to do, fewer people to do it    and simpler workflows - Less maintenance and increased instrument uptime - 10x greater sensitivity Demanding measurement challenges - Instrument detection limits as low as 1.5 fg - 10x less...

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Innovative Technologies for High Operational Efficiency Boost your lab’s operational capabilities and achieve your business goals High-efficiency source This state-of-the-art ion source incorporates a novel design not seen in previous EI source generations. It increases ionization efficiency and maximizes the ions transferred into the quadrupole analyzer—so you can significantly improve operational efficiency and analytical performance. Other benefits include: –– Injecting less sample means less frequent liner maintenance, longer column life, and faster sample preparation –– ndustry-leading...

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Clean, quiet, reliable, oil-free Agilent IDP-3 dry scroll pump The Agilent IDP-3 dry scroll pump is an affordable way to make GC/MS productivity happen and put the hassles of oil-sealed pumps behind you. Advantages include: –– Oil-free operation, which lowers your cost of ownership and minimizes pump failures –– o more hassles with oil leaks, oil spills, or hazardous waste disposal of used oil N –– quieter and more peaceful lab environment, to keep you focused A –– mall footprint and lightweight construction, which are ideal for any instrument S configuration—even inside cabinets –– SD...

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A Faster Route to Insight Get the most out of your system with Agilent software MassHunter is the right choice for high-throughput quantitation and compound identification in food, environmental, forensics, and research labs. Make MS analysis easier and more productive Agilent MassHunter software transforms data into insight with qualitative and quantitative analysis, using tools such as Mass Profiler and Mass Profiler Professional. Together, they bring you: –– Time-saving features, such as batch-at-a-glance and compounds-at-a-glance that facilitate review-by-exception. –– lmost 50...

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OpenLab CDS is best for quality control testing in the pharmaceutical, chemical, and energy markets. Confident, efficient mass detection in chromatography laboratories Implement the highest data integrity standards and automate time-consuming tasks to improve speed and accuracy. Agilent OpenLab CDS has a simple interface, so your staff can quickly create methods and analyze results on the Agilent 5977B GC/MSD system. –– Built-in technical controls make it easy to achieve the highest levels of data integrity. –– Templates, intuitive report creation, and custom calculation capabilities make...

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Reliable and Unparalleled GC Separation with Gold‑Standard Performance Building the world’s most trusted GC system is an ongoing process. With every step, we increase speed, improve functionality, and incorporate new analytical capabilities, while never losing sight of the most important objective—business results.

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Agilent Intuvo: GC re-imagined Like all Agilent GCs, Intuvo is built on a tradition of robust excellence and gold-standard performance. Intuvo expands on this legacy by introducing enabling innovations available nowhere else. These include fast direct heating, ferrule-free fittings, Guard Chip retention gap technology, and no-clip columns. Agilent 7890B GC: Resolve your search for reliability The Agilent 7890B GC system has everything you need to boost productivity, protect our environment through better resource management, and generate data with confidence. Its seamless communication with...

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Lower Detection Limits and Streamlined Workflows for Food and Environmental Testing Identify more pesticides, faster You need to rapidly set up your full-scan GC/MS method and confirm that it produces accurate results for hundreds of pesticides in complex matrices. Our solution combines the Agilent 5977B GC/MSD with deconvolution reporting software and a database of pesticides and endocrine disruptors. Together, they accelerate reporting and increase the number of targets screened. When configured with our high-efficiency source (HES), this analyzer lets you identify more pesticides in less...

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Lower detection limits for semivolatile compounds in water Semivolatile organic compounds (SVOCs) can be successfully analyzed by selected ion monitoring (SIM) in GC/MS. However, surveying samples by scanning GC/MS enables full-scan spectra for compound confirmation— tentatively identifying unexpected unknowns in samples that would escape SIM. The high-efficiency source (HES) of the Agilent 5977B GC/MSD represents a revolution in ion source design. You can exploit its enhanced sensitivity to produce picogram or sub-picogram detection limits for SVOCs that, previously, were only approached...

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