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Agilent 710 Series ICP-OES

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Accurate. Robust. Reliable. AGILENT 710 SERIES ICP-OES

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Agilent 710 Series ICP-OES Agilent Technologies is now your premier resource and partner for atomic spectroscopy. With the 2010 addition of Varian’s world-renowned AA and ICP-OES products, together with our market-leading 7700 Series ICP-MS, Agilent offers you a comprehensive range of inorganic analytical instrumentation. Outstanding value The Aglient 710 Series ICP-OES offers uncompromised performance for laboratories with low to moderate sample loads performing routine ICP-OES analyses. Easy to use, the 710 Series is also ideal for educational institutes and industries that need to comply...

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HP enters the gas HP 5992A chromatography introduced as the market world’s first benchtop GC/MS HP redefines ‘reliability’ in GC with the introduction of the HP 5890A Launch of the 4500 Series, the world’s first benchtop ICP-MS Launch of the Agilent 7700 Series ICP-MS featuring Agilent’s HMI & ORS3 Cell 2010 Varian becomes a part of Agilent Varian Varian Associates Built components is formed for world’s first AA (as Techtron) Releases first sequential ICP-OES Axial ICP-OES Patented Vista chip with cooled cone CCD detector with interface released full wavelength coverage Stable and accurate...

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ONE-STEP ANALYSIS FROM ONE PLASMA VIEW Productivity and dynamic range for environmental The determination of major, trace and toxic elements in soils, waters, food and agricultural samples is fast and easy using a single plasma view. Agilent's 710 horizontal, axially-viewed plasma provides excellent sensitivity for trace-level determinations, and the flexibility to handle major levels. The robust plasma is able to handle a wide variety of sample matrices while still delivering the best detection limits. Agilent's unique Multi-Cal feature extends the linear range of analysis from...

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Minimize interferences The Cooled Cone Interface (CCI) efficiently removes the cool plasma tail (the red zone, top) away from the optical path. This minimizes self-absorption and recombination interferences to provide a wide linear dynamic range and low background for the best detection limits. Dual view plasmas (bottom), do not fully remove the cool plasma tail, degrading performance and linear dynamic range. If long term analysis of the most difficult sample types is required, Agilent’s 715 ICP-OES offers the benefits of robust operation with minimal maintenance. The radially-viewed...

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Clearly better software User friendly software with all instrument controls, sample results and signal graphics accessible from one window. Software designed for real samples • Easy-to-use worksheet-based software contains wizards and videos to guide you through operation. • Fitted background correction simplifies method development as you don’t need to select correction points manually. This ensures fast method development and better correction. • Agilent’s Fast Automated Curve-fitting Technique (FACT) resolves complex spectral interferences, ensuring greater accuracy in difficult...

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Simultaneous ICP-OES Whether you have tens or hundreds of samples to analyze each day, the Agilent 710 Series ICP-OES will save you time and money. The detector provides over 1.1 million pixels in a large area, CCD array design. It captures the entire spectral image in one reading, saving you time and reducing running costs. Simultaneous ICP measurement means simultaneous background correction and internal standardization — resulting in more accurate and precise results with excellent long term stability. The unique CCD array detector is cooled to -30 °C for excellent low noise performance...

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The combined benefits of two leaders in atomic spectroscopy With the 2010 addition of Varian, Inc., Agilent now offers an even greater range of instrumentation and the most comprehensive columns and supplies portfolio in the market. Just as important are the best-in-class service and technical support teams, focused on finding solutions for our customers. Agilent is here to provide the technology — and the Measure of Confidence — you need to be successful. An expanded portfolio of solutions from the leader in ICP-MS The range of Agilent AA, ICP-OES and ICP-MS instruments offers unmatched...

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