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Extraordinary design. Unparalleled performance.

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The Agilent 7700 Series ICP-MS Advancing ICP-MS technology. Simplifying trace metals analysis. Whether you need to analyze hundreds of complex samples in less time, or confidently detect ultra trace metals in high purity reagents, Agilent’s 7700 Series ICP-MS can help you meet the analytical challenges of today... and of the future. The 7700 Series redefines the benchmark for ICP-MS: more productive, simpler to use, higher sensitivity, lower backgrounds, better interference removal, increased flexibility, easier to maintain and service. All within the smallest commercial ICP-MS mainframe...

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Forward-thinking innovation High Matrix Introduction (HMI) kit Extraordinary 3rd generation ICP-MS The unique patented HMI, standard on the 7700x, enables high dissolved solids samples (such as undiluted seawater) to be run directly – a first for ICP-MS. Page 6 As ICP-MS has evolved over the last two decades, Agilent has been the driving force in the technique’s development, introducing many key innovations. With the 7700, we build on this legacy by bringing ICP-MS into the world of routine laboratories and non-expert operators, through new levels of performance, reliability and automation....

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ORS3 – unmatched interference removal in complex matrices process chemicals), but reactive cell gases cannot be used successfully for multi-element analysis in complex, unknown or variable samples because: Removing polyatomic interferences in ICP-MS The 7700 incorporates a newly-developed 3rd generation Octopole Reaction System (ORS3) with improved ion focusing and increased collision efficiency. ORS3 redefines the capability of He mode, and delivers unmatched performance for multi-element analysis of complex sample matrices. • Each reaction gas will only remove interferences which react...

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One 7700 Series, three models, configured for your application The Agilent 7700x: Powerful ICP-MS workhorse for most standard routine and high-matrix applications The 7700x is configured for routine analysis of high matrix samples, and includes HMI, pre-set plasma conditions and He mode ORS3 as standard. With its high-temperature plasma (low oxides), matrix tolerant interface, and 9 orders dynamic range, the 7700x provides the analytical performance required in busy routine laboratories, but also retains the hardware and software flexibility to handle more advanced research applications....

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Sensitivity and reliability by design Every component of the 7700 Series is engineered for performance and usability Sample introduction A low-flow, Peltier cooled sample introduction system increases operational stability and consistency (standard on all 7700 mainframes). Proprietary Active Mass Flow Controllers deliver precise control of all plasma and cell gases. Interface and cones Robust, standard Ni, or optional Pt tipped cones are easy to access and remove/replace during routine maintenance (no tools are required for removal and refitting of the sampling cone). Torch position...

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High temperature 27 MHz plasma 3rd generation Octopole Reaction System (ORS3) Fast simultaneous dual mode detector (9 orders dynamic range) Cell gas inlet HMI gas inlet (7700x) Low flow sample introduction system High-frequency hyperbolic quadrupole Off-axis lens High-performance vacuum system Cooling airflow Provides effective cooling of all components, even in the world’s smallest benchtop ICP-MS cabinet. All air is ducted through a single exhaust vent. Octopole Reaction System (ORS3) Hyperbolic quadrupole This new temperature-controlled collision/reaction cell has a low internal volume,...

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Extend the power of your 7700 ICP-MS with a wide range of options and accessories Whether you need to maximize sample throughput, achieve the lowest detection limits or separate the different chemical forms of an element, Agilent offers a range of configurable options for the 7700 Series – plus the know-how to help you achieve your specific application goals. Sample delivery systems Agilent Integrated Autosampler (I-AS). Integrated, covered autosampler with pumped rinse station; ideal for ultra-trace analysis and small sample volumes (as low as 0.5 mL). Flexible rack configurations offer a...

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Proven speciation capability simplifies the routine use of ICP-MS as an elemental detector for separation technologies Agilent’s 7700 ICP-MS links seamlessly with HPLC, GC and CE systems through field-proven and supported interfaces, integrated software control, documentation, and fully developed application kits. Industry leading speciation measurement Emerging environmental, food safety and consumer product regulations increasingly include the requirement to identify and quantify compounds as well as total elemental concentrations. Therefore, routine, accurate speciation analysis has...

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Intuitive, configurable MassHunter software simplifies your daily workload Instrument control and data acquisition Data analysis in a single, clear window From automated startup checks following plasma ignition, through batch and queue method setup and sequencing, to integrated data processing and final report generation, our new ICP-MS MassHunter Workstation software makes running your Agilent 7700 easier than ever. It includes: The flexible, customizable batch-at-a glance data table provides a comprehensive overview of the current batch, including counts, concentrations, RSD and replicate...

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Robust operation in a streamlined design Agilent’s 7700 Series has been engineered to endure the toughest lab environments, while delivering operational cost savings through higher productivity, shorter training times, simpler method development, and lower service requirements (particularly important in clean-room installations). 7700 Series: breakthroughs in environmental impact reduction High reliability boosts uptime and productivity • Lower heat output and reduced exhaust vent flow (7700s), with a redesigned cooling air-flow management system Like all Agilent ICP-MS systems, the 7700...

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