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Agilent Cary 8454 UV-Vis Brochure

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Agilent Cary 8454 Spectrophotometer

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AGILENT CARY 8454 UV-VIS PROVEN DIODE ARRAY TECHNOLOGY Agilent Technologies is your premier resource and partner for molecular spectroscopy. The world-renowned Cary product line, encompassing FTIR, UV-Vis-NIR, and Fluorescence, offers you a comprehensive range of molecular spectroscopy solutions. The leader in diode array technology Agilent Technologies continues its leadership in diode array technology with the Agilent Cary 8454 UV-Vis spectrophotometer. The Cary 8454 provides the performance you expect from an Agilent diode array with the analysis benets of Agilent’s UV-Visible...

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QUALITY AND PERFORMANCE BY DESIGN The innovative design of the Cary 8454 results in a high performance, robust and reliable spectrophotometer that maximizes up-time and lowers cost of ownership. Grating Tungsten lamp Deuterium lamp Superior optical design Open sample area Fastest data collection The Cary 8454 uses a very efcient optical system that allows all light to go through the sample for excellent throughput and sensitivity. Light of all wavelengths falls on the array and is measured simultaneously for instantaneous spectral acquisition. The optical design means the instrument is not...

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AGILENT CARY 8454 UV-VIS ACCURATE AND RELIABLE RESULTS With over 30 years of experience and leadership in diode array technology, you can be assured of the reliable performance of the Cary 8454. The power of Agilent diode array technology 80 Transmittance (%) The Cary 8454 spectrophotometer uses a photodiode array (PDA) for simultaneous measurement of the complete ultra-violet to visible light spectrum in as little as 0.1 seconds. Discover the advantages of the Cary 8454: • Fast spectral acquisition allows for: – complete identication and purity of the sample – trouble shooting of “out of...

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SOLUTIONS FOR CHEMICAL ANALYSIS From research to method development, satisfy the diverse needs of chemical laboratories Whether in an industrial QA/QC environment, or a research laboratory in a university, the Cary 8454 provides the software and hardware solutions to simplify your workow, increase productivity and provide you with accurate answers…fast. • Perform time-based measurements – the Cary 8454 collects an entire spectrum in as little as 0.1 seconds! • Increase productivity with the Agilent sipper and XY autosampler • Obtain answers quickly using built-in analysis software • Study...

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AGILENT CARY 8454 UV-VIS SOLUTIONS FOR PHARMACEUTICAL ANALYSIS Leading the way in pharmaceutical analysis Smooth and seamless method transfer – have the result in minutes! Agilent diode array spectrophotometers have served the pharmaceutical industry for decades. Leveraging Agilent’s strong presence in the pharmaceutical market through its liquid chromatography solutions, the diode array UV-Vis has been the instrument of choice in which hundreds of methods and SOPs have been established. The Cary 8454 continues the tradition of providing the ideal platform for you to either upgrade or...

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GOOD LABORATORY PRACTICE Agilent plays a leading role in defining the Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) related responsibilities of analytical manufacturers and users. Agilent incorporates features in its products that enable you to comply with GLP regulations quickly, reliably, Agilent offers a comprehensive portfolio of service plans and regulatory compliance services to help achieve validation of the 8454 UV-Vis system and its components to ensure the highest levels of reliability and performance. Standards kits OQ/PV is made even easier using an Agilent standards kit, which meets the needs...

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AGILENT CARY 8454 UV-VIS ACCESSORIES The Agilent Cary 8454 diode array UV-Vis provides excellent sampling capabilities for liquid analysis. Coupled with Agilent’s market-leading diode array technology, samples are analyzed in seconds with the highest degree of accuracy, ensuring that your UV-Vis can expand and meet your productivity needs. Cell holders Peltier thermostatted cell holder Cell holders Multicell transport • Standard cell holder: Ensure quick and precise cell positioning for each measurement. Supplied as standard. The multicell transport provides a signicant increase in...

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ACCESSORIES AND RELATED SOLUTIONS Dissolution Testing Combine an XY autosampler with a sipper system to measure large numbers of samples fully automated and unattended. Key features include: Connect Agilent tablet dissolution test baths to the Cary 8454 for the ultimate in dissolution testing. Agilent is the only company to provide an “Agilentonly” integrated dissolution system to ensure that you get all components from a single supplier. Key features include: Agilent’s range of UV-Vis consumables includes cuvettes, ow cells and lamps. • Software controlled • Capacity for up to 240 samples...

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SOFTWARE TOOLS TO SUPPORT COMPLIANCE OpenLAB ECM Compliance Pack for UV-Visible A direct 21 CFR Part 11 compliant linkto OpenLAB ECM from UV-Visible ChemStation Efficient Data Storage and Retrieval • Centralized storage for UV-Visible ChemStation methods and results files • Comprehensive data security • Access for registered users with assigned privileges Data integrity and traceability • Maintain file revision and history • Comprehensive audit trail - Trail of who has what item - Trail of when an item was uploaded - New central UV-Visible ChemStation enhanced audit trail • Designed to...

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Agilent Molecular Spectroscopy Innovations 1947 First commercial recording UV-Vis, the Cary 11 UV-Vis Release of the Cary 14 UV-Vis-NIR First rapid scanning fourier transform infrared spectrometer, the FTS-14 Release of the Cary 219 UV-Vis First commercial diode array spectrophotometer, the 8450A Launch of HP 1090 Release of the LC systems featuring acclaimed Cary 1 Diode Array and and 3 UV-Vis Low Dispersion Technology 1995 Launch of the 8453, the rst small-footprint, full-featured diode array Cary 50 released to coincide with 50th anniversary of Cary 11 Cary Eclipse Fluorescence...

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