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Agilent Intuvo 9000 GC System


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DREAM BIGGER Agilent Intuvo 9000 GC System Innovation with purpose Truly transformative innovation is much more than a clever idea made real. It must give users the power to change their world. Intelligent. Intuitive. Innovative. Intuvo. Modern GC labs face constant pressure to solve real problems in a practical way. Issues like handling challenging sample matrices, maintaining the integrity of critical data, and accommodating user training needs can lead to a significant investment in time and resources. Intuvo proves its worth by providing a fresh new perspective and previously unavailable approaches for overcoming these challenges and more. Serving analytical laboratories worldwide For over 50 years, Agilent has pioneered the technologies and techniques that have defined how gas chromatography is performed today. Agilent continues to push forward and open doors to better GC. To learn more, visit

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Agilent Intuvo 9000 GC System - 2

AGILENT INTUVO 9000 GC SYSTEM WITH AGILENT 7010 TRIPLE QUADRUPOLE MASS SPECTROMETER THE PERFECT PARTNER FOR MASS SPECTROMETRY By lifting existing operational limitations, Intuvo encourages you to re-imagine workflows, efficiencies, and outcomes. Bring Intuvo into your lab—and dream bigger. Optimal performance Achieved with any GC detector or single-/triple-quad mass spec. Productivity Intuvo is complimented by all of Agilent’s GC sample introduction systems. Intuitive Touch-screen user interface displays critical instrument status information. Advanced software control Getting started with...

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An innovative range of supplies and fittings makes Intuvo the most efficient, cost-effective, premium GC to own and operate. This specially designed range of supplies includes: ferrule-free fittings, Guard Chip retention gap technology, and no-trim columns that transform your GC experience. Rapid Guard Chip replacement makes troublesome column trimming and associated downtime a thing of the past. Intuvo Flow Chips are fitted with smart keys for self-configuring, usage monitoring, and automating method development. Intuvo Gaskets Intuvo °C ≤ 350 gaskets replace450 °C Nickel. ≤ traditionalNo...

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From Insight to Outcome Agilent CrossLab offers a comprehensive suite of services— including Agilent CrossLab Transition services—as well as Agilent University to maximize your uptime and protect your investment. Advanced Software Control Getting started with Intuvo means getting started with the Agilent software you already know: OpenLAB CDS and MassHunter. No training required. Learn more Buy online Find a local Agilent customer center in your...

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