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AGILENT AUTOMATION SOLUTIONS RIGHT FROM THE START Fast, accurate sequencing starts with automated sample preparation from Agilent We’ve helped more than 100 research labs all around the world save time, reduce human error, and quickly scale up throughput/ workflow with versatile, flexible, easy-to-master automation. You don’t have to be a computer programmer and you don’t need to spend time writing your own protocols. So why not make your workflow more efficient? Get everything you need to automatically prepare samples for next-generation sequencing, all from a single vendor: Agilent. Satisfied...

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Agilent NGS Automated Solutions - 3

Manual NGS sample prep Automated NGS sample prep from Agilent Human Error Consistent Data Quality Everyone makes mistakes, especially when working under tight deadlines.Trying to do more, faster typically results in mix ups becoming more common. Agilent’s automation equipment for next-generation sequencing performs pipetting steps with the highest precision and reproducibility. It’s automation you can count on. Many Samples Quick, Easy Scale Up Processing samples by hand limits throughput. One operator can process 10, maybe 20, samples at the same time. While these samples are going through...

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Agilent NGS Automated Solutions - 4

AUTOMATE WITH CONFIDENCE Your success depends on reliable performance In a word, reproducibility. Whether you process four samples or four thousand, you will get consistent results. With Agilent’s automated sample prep solutions, you don’t need to compromise the quality of your results as you scale up to higher throughputs. The results will not only be comparable to the results achieved while preparing the sample manually but the throughput will be much higher. The proof lies in customer experiments that compare sequencing results obtained through both manual and automated sample...

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Comparison of manual and automated ChIP Seq experiments on a 10 kb region surrounding the Ets2 gene on mouse chromosome 16 AHT-ChlP-seq: a completely automated robotic protocol for high-throughput chromatin immunoprecipitation. Four hundred experiments were performed in five days with only a quarter of hands-on time required. (Figure courtesy of Aldridge et al. Genome Biology 2013, Results from automated and manual protocols using NuGEN Ovation RNA Seq System V2 Sample Method Total Reads % Mapped Reads % Unique Reads % iRNA Reads # Ref-Seq Genes Up...

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Agilent NGS Automated Solutions - 6

Choose Agilent solutions to automate sample preparation Major genomic research centers, clinical research laboratories and major universities have chosen Agilent solutions to automate sample preparation. Why? Because the right hardware and software, combined with proven protocols, can accelerate success. Agilent NGS Bravo Option A Agilent NGS Workstation Option B High throughput and improved reproducibility with a small footprint High throughput and improved reproducibility with more walkaway time • Agilent Bravo Automated Liquid Handling Platform • Agilent NGS Bravo Option A • Agilent...

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Agilent NGS Automated Solutions - 7

Agilent NGS Bravo Form Agilent NGS Workstation Form Ready-to-use Protocols Agilent provides you with ready-to-use protocols for more reagents than anyone else . What’s more, we provide application support for developing, optimizing, or troubleshooting new protocols. We can also develop methods upon request. Here are just a few of the methods already available from Agilent: • Agilent SureSelectXT and Haloplex • NimbleGen SeqCap EZ library SR • Illumina TruSeq and Nextera • NuGEN Ovation Systems • KAPA HTP library preparation • PacBio SMRTbell library preparation • NEBNext Ultra DNA library p

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Agilent NGS Automated Solutions - 8

Learn more Find a local Agilent customer center Asia Pacific For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures. This information is subject to change without notice. Agilent Technologies

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