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BETTER SYSTEMS. BRILLIANT RESULTS Agilent Real-Time PCR Solutions ■?.'.:; Agilent Technologies I Genomics

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TOTAL CONFIDENCE qPCR Built on Stratagene’s legacy of excellence, Agilent Technologies provides a simplified and comprehensive approach to real-time quantitative PCR (qPCR)—from sample preparation to data analysis. Every qPCR solution, including the AriaMx, comes with the same quality, intuitive software, and technical support you’ve come to expect from the 3000Mx instrumentation. That’s because many of our Stratagene colleagues are now members of the Agilent-Aria team––ready to support your team at every step. Whether you are new or experienced in qPCR, Agilent’s full range of products and...

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Confidence in Success with Brilliant Ultra-Fast Master Mixes Our unique Brilliant reagents are equally robust and reproducible across a variety of assays—even on fast cycling platforms. Superior specificity is delivered utilizing a novel, faster-activating hot start method to minimize the formation of primer-dimers and other off-target reactions. • Enhanced rapid hot start capability • Reliable and reproducible data Confidence in a System that Meets Your Needs—Today and Tomorrow The agile design of the AriaMx Real-Time PCR System offers the industry’s first configurable and...

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AriaMx INTRODUCING Better systems. BRILLIANT results Confidence is a system that meets your needs today and tomorrow. The AriaMx Real-Time PCR System is a fully integrated qPCR amplification, detection, and data analysis system. The system’s modular design combines a state-of-the-art thermal cycler, an advanced optical system with spectra-optimized LED cartridges, and data analysis software. The instrument leverages a comprehensive software suite of on-board instrument diagnostics, giving you confidence that instrument failpoints are identified prior to running your assay. Experience total...

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Factory Calibrated AriaMx is ready to go—no need to set quantification curves or calibrate the instrument. Modular Design In-lab upgrades with the click of a cartridge make in-lab repairs possible. Dynamic Range Measure quantitative differences across 10 orders of magnitude. Lower Life-time Costs Agilent instrumentation, reagents, and service portfolio are tough to beat! Thermal Control Easily maintains within 0.2°C or less of target temperature. Intuitive Interface AriaMx’s touchscreen makes system integration easy for all users. Broad Applications AriaMx supports more than one assay and...

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BRILLIANT REAGENTS Built upon Stratagene's legacy, Agilent Technologies provides a total solution approach to Robust validation quality controls SYBR assays results Open reagent toughest samples Ultra-Fast SYBR Master Mixes sensitivity, Brilliant Ultra-Fast reagents help achieve success in real-time PCR applications across a A proprietary, quick-acting hot start Taq mutant enables ultra-fast reactions that maintain amplification efficiency, R2, dynamic range, and detection sensitivity. Brilliant reagents can reduce total cycling time by roughly 60% relative to standard cycling protocols....

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Brilliant Multiplex qPCR Master Mixes Amplify up to five targets in a single well with the sensitivity seen in single-plex qPCR reactions. Application Kits Optimal cluster density improving efficiency and data quality Detects common mycoplasma strains, down to 50 copies gDNA Discriminates miRNA differing FIG 1: Five Color Standard Curve Data by Fluor FIG. 2 Amplification and Standard Curve Plots Showing Sensitivity to Measure a Two-fold Change Standard Curve Initial Quantity (copies! The standard curve consisted of nine, ten-fold dilutions starting with 1 x109 and ending at two copies. This...

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Modular Optical Cartridges The first real-time PCR system with optics contained in modular cartridges, the AriaMx allows for less cross talk between channels— resulting in improved data resolution. MulTIPLEX from 2 to 6 CHANNELS AriaMx comes calibrated straight from the factory. Calibration is only necessary if future modules are added. Now you can be confident you are measuring biological variation over the instrument’s life. Key Features • xpandable and upgradeable in the lab E • No reference channel needed • “Set it and forget it” calibration • Future-proof • ccommodate as many or as few...

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Fig. 3 Validation Run With No ROX Reference (Above) and With ROX Reference (Below)* OPEN REAGENT PLATFORM When detecting biologically relevant changes, which occur at low thresholds, instrument sensitivity is critical. The SYBR uniformity curves at left were generated as part of the AriaMx validation on the same day. Both begin at cycle seven and end at cycle 17. * igma multiplier was set to 19 for both runs. Adaptive S smoothing was also on for the baseline graph. dR, SD = 0.13 Cq for both runs. High Resolution Melt (HRM) Reagents Brilliant HRM Ultra-Fast Loci HRM is based on detecting...

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Advanced, yet easy-to-use Software with proprietary algorithms accompany AriaMx’s precision chemistry and thermo-cycling capability. Fig. 7 Easy-to-access Plate and Well Maps Easy Touchscreen Set-Up Plate Maps at Your Fingertips Simple-to-use, feature-rich touchscreen allows you to set up runs with the touch of a finger. Program at the plate and well level— simply hover over a well, and its details will open in a new window. 21 CFR Part 11 compatible features are available by licensing ET software. New Software Features • Touch Screen Set-Up • Onboard Diagnostics • Remote Monitoring • ase...

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FIG. 8 Set-up Screen for Comparative Quantitation File [nrtnimerrt 03W14 LP3.3 X | AriaKs - Allel K | ArioMi - Co., Graphical DlEpla^-s Generate Report Well Type |st.»rfard . | AtWDres T«EB^ }prjlii fllr^ Auto Increment Clear AriaMx Software helps you control experimental bias due to differences in amplification efficiencies through a proprietary algorithm—resulting in higher accuracy. Pre-programmed Assays Pre-programmed assays allow for easy selection of calibrators, normalizers • Allele Discrimination • Comparative Quantification • High Resolution Melt In high throughput gene expression...

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