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Automating standard operating procedures using simple scripting

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Automating standard operating procedures using simple scripting Technical Overview Advantage statement Easy to create, customized software scripts created using Resolutions Pro Software reduce user training time and increase analysis speed, for increased productivity. The automated scripting steps reduce the chance of errors, increasing confidence in results. Introduction Scripting is a powerful tool that can automate a series of common steps. It is a software program within Agilent’s Resolutions Pro that transforms a Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) spectrometer into a dedicated analyzer in minutes. Scripting does NOT involve computer programming; rather a user need only put together a desired list of actions to be performed. The software guides a user through ‘one-click’ dialogue boxes from start to finish, thereby allowing novice users to obtain high-quality data in seconds and drastically reducing chances of errors. Scripting is an ideal tool for routine QA/QC applications as it can provide both qualitative and quantitative information without the analyst having to interpret (or even understand) the results. A scripting routine can be used to automatically perform all spectral collection and processing steps, and if desired, can automatically print a customized report. Advantageously, scripting can be performed in any language. There are four principle actions to be performed in order to create and run a simple script. These steps include: (I) Establishing a method (that is, define the number of co-added scans, spectral resolution), (II) Choosing postspectral collection processing to be applied (that is, peak picking, spectral searching against a database, printing of a customized report), (III) Adding a customized method and prompts to a script, and (IV) Running the scri

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This advantage note provides an illustrated step-bystep example of simple scripting within the Resolutions Pro software. It highlights the simplicity in both creating and running a script for routine analyses using an attenuated total reflectance (ATR) accessory. Establishing a Method A collection method allows you to input a basic set of collection parameters (tailored to your Standard Operating Procedures) such as an appropriate number of co-added scans for the sample and background as well as the spectral resolution. You can use a default collection method within Resolutions Pro which...

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Adding a customized method and prompts to a script The EditSimon feature affords users the flexibility to create a script with a user-defined number of steps (depending on the user’s experience level). Prompts can be written in any language and are readily customized to suit any protocol. A number of common prompts are provided as an illustrative example of the capabilities of scripting in the next section. Running the script Figure 4. Agilent’s spectral search can be used for databases constructed in-house A script can be initiated from a drop-down menu on Resolutions Pro Software’s main...

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you need to collect a background, when ready press OK below Load the sample onto the ATR. When ready to collect the sample's spectrum press OK below r the spectrum appears appropriate press CK. If it does rot, press Cancel Click OK below to conclude the simple script. Figure 6. Automation of a standard operating procedure allows for high-quality spectra to be collected in seconds by novice users, reduces chances for protocol deviations and provides customizable printed reports that include advanced data interpretation

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