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Agilent Intuvo 9000 GC System DREAM BIGGER Agilent Technologies

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AGILENT INTUVO 9000 GC SYSTEM INNOVATION WITH PURPOSE Truly transformative innovation is much more than a clever idea made real. It must give users the power to change their world. At Agilent, we innovate with purpose. We watch and listen. We examine customer workflow challenges. We draw on deep technical expertise. And every step of the way, the goals that motivate Agilent innovation are your goals: improving operator experience, laboratory operation, and business success. Today, this process brings you the Agilent Intuvo 9000 GC System – a new breed of GC system from the industry leader...

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Like all Agilent GCs, Intuvo is built on a legacy of robust excellence and unparalleled, gold-standard performance. Intuvo expands on this legacy by introducing a suite of innovative key enabling technologies available nowhere else: fast direct heating, ferrule-free fittings, Guard Chip retention gap technology, and no-trim columns. Heating and Cooling: Why Wait? Direct heating technology is a much faster and more efficient way to do GC. Now you can run your methods faster, in half the space, and using less than half the power normally required. Flow Path Integrity: Now Anyone Can Tired of...

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AGILENT INTUVO 9000 GC SYSTEM WITH AGILENT 7010 TRIPLE QUADRUPOLE MASS SPECTROMETER THE PERFECT PARTNER FOR MASS SPECTROMETRY By lifting existing operational limitations, Intuvo encourages you to re-imagine workflows, efficiencies, and outcomes. Bring Intuvo into your lab – and dream bigger. Mass spectrometry operation can be optimized with modular flow path chips. Mass spectrometry is designed into Intuvo. Guard Chip and backflush protection along with leak-free operation help enable the most sensitive MS measurement. Direct heating saves time, improves productivity, and halves bench...

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To learn more, go to: www.agilent.com/chem/intuvo Productivity with Intuvo is complimented by all of Agilent’s industry-leading GC sample introduction systems. Optimal performance is achieved with any GC detector or single/triple quad mass spec. Intuitive touch screen interface gives you real-time access to critical instrument status information. Click-and-run connections allow you to easily change columns in under two minutes. Smart keys on Intuvo columns and flow chips allow self configuration, monitor usage, and help automate method development. Advanced Software Control Getting started...

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AGILENT INTUVO 9000 GC SYSTEM INTELLIGENT. INTUITIVE. INNOVATIVE. INTUVO. Modern GC labs face constant pressure to solve real problems in practical ways. Issues like handling challenging sample matrices, maintaining the integrity of critical data, and accommodating user training needs can lead to a significant investment in time and resources. Intuvo proves its worth by providing a fresh new perspective and previously unavailable approaches for overcoming these challenges and more. Lab Technicians: Solving the mystery of troubleshooting Given that GC is often only one of many...

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Lab Managers: Shining new light on the perplexing path to productivity Between staffing, evolving workflows, and ever-rising productivity targets in the face of ever-shrinking budgets, managers in today's analytical labs are challenged. Faced with the prospect of bringing new technology into their world, it's instinctive to opt for the one that might make the least impact – simply because minimizing impact means minimizing negative impact. It shouldn't be this way – and with Intuvo, it doesn't have to be. Intuvo features a host of innovations that are genuinely enabling, which simplify the...

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Serving the Entire Analytical Lab For over 50 years, Agilent has pioneered the technologies and techniques that define how gas chromatography is performed today. Agilent continues to push forward and open doors to better GC. Beyond its industry-leading GC and GC/MS instruments, analyzers, and detectors, Agilent provides consumables, workflow solutions, software, and more to ensure success in applications from the most routine to the most complex. Learn more www.agilent.com/chem/intuvo Buy online www.agilent.com/chem/store Find a local Agilent customer center in your...

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