e-Seminar Slides ? Upgrade from Agilent HP3D CE System to Agilent 7100 CE System - 11 Pages

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e-Seminar Slides ? Upgrade from Agilent HP3D CE System to Agilent 7100 CE System

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Agilent Technologies Capillary Electrophoresis e-Seminar Upgrade from 1600 HP3DCE to 7100 CE January 2011

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Capillary Electrophoresis at Agilent Former G1600 „HP3DCE -system“ • Introduced February 1993 this model built the basis of our experience in CE as one of Agilent’s core technologies • Agilent pioneered the proprietary bubble cell capillaries & high sensitivity cell providing highest CE sensitivity levels in UV detection

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Fully flexible on detectors (DAD-UV, MS, LIF, CCD,..) Agilent Replenishment-system Agilent ChemStation control and data analysis New slim housing New UV diode array detector – based on the Agilent 1200 Series LC Improved cassette type Vial sensor for sample tray New and faster electronics – based on the Agilent 1200 Series LC Low volume replenishment system Improved pressure/vacuum pumps Agilent ChemStation software complemented by LabAdvisor Diagnostic tools maximizing uptime

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HP/Agilent 3DCE system What you get with the Agilent 7100 Capillary Electrophoresis system I list i nine nt size Stardard berchtcip syster. Sample tray For tight closing vials. Vial sensoi to check loading, avoid misplacements and reduced sample re-runs. Highest productivity! Support of ICQ ml buffer bottles. Reduced buffer consumption and improved volume sensing. reduced reagent costs! Autos ampler Fix mounted inside instrument. Slide-out module for easy cleaning/maintenance. Highest uptime! Pressure-vacuum External source for max.12 tar. system For up to 50 mbar fine- New: Up to 100 mbar...

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Agilent 7100 Capillary Electrophoresis System Main improvements & benefits New 1200 series UV-DAD and electronics • Less noise, better Signal/Noise, best sensitivity • Linear dynamic range of 1 x 104 • Up to 40 Hz data rate for high resolution peaks New design for easy usage and maintenance • 25% less bench space required • Slide out sampler module for easy access • Vial detection by extra sensor in sample tray • Long life lamp (2x lifetime) easy to change

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Better sensitivity due to new 1200 DAD-UV Spiked concentrations Less noise, improved S/N Reproducible results, with backward compatible methods Comparable mt and resolutions

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Linearity of the 7100 linear extension Determination of the linear detection range on a 7100 instrument encompassing 4 orders of magnitudes 2009 Agilent Innovations Seminar

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Agilent 7100 Capillary Electrophoresis System External Detectors Agilent‘s CE-MS systems provide • Single vendor solution: CE + Interface + MS • Full portfolio, MSD, Triple-Quad, ToF, Q-ToF • Most robust and reliable ESI-Interface for CE • Capillary exit on ground – no compromises! Wide choice on non-Agilent detectors Proven compatibility with Agilent 7100 systems: -Picometrics -ISTech -eDAQ -Paraytech • Integrated A/D converter plus Analog in/out • LIF detection solutions by Picometrics • External signals within ChemStation SW • CCD detection for direct ion detection

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Agilent CE-ESI-MS Setup On a single PC run: Sheath Liquid Pump - MassHunter - CE-ChemStation / Open Lab CDS CE-capillary Adapter (interface) Kit (G1603A) PC-system controlling - 7100 CE - MS systemes - Sheath liquid pump The Agilent CE-MS Advantage Single vendor solution: Sheath Liquid Interface: Capillary outlet on ground: direct and competent support robust and reliable, offering efficient control on chemistry no compromises on voltages for CE or ESI-MS Agilent Confidential Page 9

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Summary: Agilent 7100 CE We offer: • Most sensitive CE on market best in class UV-DAD detection comes standard Detect more and quantify more robust Flexibility for new or different tasks Seamless connection to external detectors MS, LIF, CCD, UV-imaging, ... • Only single vendor CE-MS solutions complete Agilent CE-MS portfolio More information and reliable compound ID • 25% reduced instrument footprint less space required, easy to move & connect Efficiency and flexibility in lab usage • Only vendor offering replenishment system automated and reproducible throughput Fresh buffers any time...

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Further information materials Information Tools: • Brochure • Data Sheet • Consumables and supplies catalog • Ion Analysis Application Compendium More information at www.agilent.com/chem/ce

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