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Panda Hand - 1

rounded edges & a smooth surface for soft tissue protection anatomical pre-shaped design available 2 profile thicknesses with color codification for easy identification dark violet 1.5 mm 2.0 mm 2.3 mm available in a flexible choice of screw type standard screws and locking screws fit all plate holes

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Panda Hand - 2

the new panda hand system includes a wide selection of plates to accommodate the variety of hand fractures encountered during routine surgeries with color condification for easy identification HAND PLATING SYSTEM DARK VIOLET PLATES available 2 profile thicknesses screw heads fit the same screwdriver one instrument for different screws color-coded identifiers standard and multidirectional locking screws are distinguished through compression hole universal plate hole shapes • plates include an elongated k-wire hole and a compression hole • secure closure of the fracture in some plates to...

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Panda Hand - 3

CONTRAINDICATIONS • nadequate bone quantity • Patients with active infections • Patients with metal allergies and foreign bod ensitivity • Patients with limited blood supply • Severely non-compliant patients with mental or neurological conditions who are unwilling or incapable of following postoperative care instructions • Patients with unstable physical and/or mental health conditions INDICATIONS treatment of fractures and reconstructive procedures on small bones • avulsion fractures • shaft, comminuted and luxation fractures • transverse, oblique and spiral fractures and fractures near...

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