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Downflow Workstation Series™ - 1

Ductless Downflow Workstations "The World’s Most Extensive Selection of Ductless Downflow Fume Hoods." Provides Feature-Rich Operator Safety & Facilitates Operator-Intensive Applications with Unrestricted Access Meets or Exceeds OSHA, ANSI and other International Stan

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Downflow Workstation Series™ - 2

Ductless Downflow Workstations Product Overview JUMP TO: Features and Callouts (p.3) DWS® Controller Options (p.4) Downflow Workstations Airflow and Multiplex™ Filtration Technology (p.5) Downward airflow protects operator from fume and particle hazards. Unrestricted front and side access to work area. Easy to change filter. Improved filter clamping eliminates. bypass leakage. Low airflow alarm. High capacity filters. Workstations are high efficiency ductless fume hoods designed to protect the user and the APPLICATIONS environment from hazardous vapors generated on the work surface. •...

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Downflow Workstation Series™ - 3

Ductless Downflow Workstations Product Features PRODUCT FEATURES: A. Filter I.D. Window: A strategically placed front cover window shows the installed filter part number and installation date for convenience and to encourage timely filter replacement. B. Control Panel: Electronic controls and displays include switches for the blower, low airflow alarm and electronic hour counter. C. Steel Support Frame: The chemical resistant epoxy coated steel frame adds mechanical strength. Optional all polypropylene construction is available if desired; see accessories. D. Electrostatic Pre-Filter: The...

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Downflow Workstation Series™ - 4

Ductless Downflow Workstations Product Features THE AIR SCIENCE PERFORMANCE ADVANTAGE Each Air Science fume hood includes features expressed through sound design and certified quality construction. Options and accessories add functional performance to meet specific applications. • Professional Quality. Air Science fume hoods comply with current technical and safety regulations. The standard Advanced control panel includes an on/off switch, low airflow alarm and hour meter to aid in determining available filter life. • Multiplex Filtration. The Air Science Multiplex™ Filter offers a range of...

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Downflow Workstation Series™ - 5

Ductless Downflow Workstations Product Filtration DWS DOWNFLOW WORKSTATION AIRFLOW PATTERN AIR SCIENCE MULTIPLEX™ FILTRATION TECHNOLOGY Multiplex Filtration consists of a pre-filter and main filter to create a combination of chemical and physical architecture customized to each application. The mechanical design enhances safety, convenience and overall value. • The multiplex option permits one or more filtration options to be combined to meet a wider range of multiple-use applications. Multiplexing permits configuration for the capture of acids, bases and particulates such as biological...

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Downflow Workstation Series™ - 6

Ductless Downflow Workstations Product Specifications MODEL Metal Side View WEIGHT (lbs/Kg) Internal Height Specifications are subject to change without notice. PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS DWS™ Model Compact fluorescent lighting. …> <… White epoxy coated steel frame and head unit. Clear side panels. Stainless steel spill tray. …> <… 120V, 60Hz or 220V, 50Hz voltages available. Specify when ordering. Other voltage options available. …> Electrical Switches Main On/Off Low airflow alarm, standard. Filter Specifications Pre-Filter STANDARDS & COMPLIANCE Quality Management Systems Carbon Filter...

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Downflow Workstation Series™ - 7

Ductless Downflow Workstations Product Options OPTIONS & ACCESSORIES FILTER SUMMARY Base Stand, Mobile, with Casters The 34" tall mobile cart provides a lower storage shelf; accommodates wheelchair access. Locking casters fix the hood in place. Base Cabinet, Fixed Provides enclosed storage space. (specify: Yellow, Blue, White, locking casters or leveling feet) Provides wheelchair access and lowered remote controls. Polypropylene Construction* Cabinets are available in all polypropylene construction. Contact Air Science for information. Stainless Steel Hanging Rod* Hanging rod spans the...

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