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Ductless Enclosures, Low-Profile Horizontal Design “Safety, Convenience and Performance.” An Affordable, Effective Air Filtration System Sol

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Product Overview )©S Ductless Enclosures, Low-Profile Horizontal Design JUMP TO: Features and Callouts (p.3) Airflow and Multiplex™ Filtration Technology (p.4) Specifications (p.5) Options and Accessories (p.6) APPLICATIONS • Soldering • Histology • Cover Slipping • Staining • Pathology • Graphic Arts, Sign Shops • Art Conservation • Electronics Assembly • Particulate Control • Manufacturing Processes • Air Purification INTRODUCTION Air Science Fume Box ductless enclosures are designed to protect the user from chemicals, vapors or powders during low-volume chemical manipulations by...

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Ductless Enclosures, Low-Profile Horizontal Design PRODUCT FEATURES: A. Main On/Off Switch: High quality rocker On/Off switch controls unit power. B. Steel Support Frame: The chemical resistant epoxy coated steel frame adds mechanical strength. C. Electrostatic Pre-Filter: The 99.5% effective electrostatic pre-filter is accessible from inside the chamber to contain the release of any particulates that it traps. D. Color: The cabinet is white with blue trim; side and back panels are clear. E. Enclosed Filtration Chamber: Main filters can be carbon and/or HEPA/ULPA to fit a variety of...

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Product Filtration )©S Ductless Enclosures, Low-Profile Horizontal Design THE AIR SCIENCE PERFORMANCE ADVANTAGE Each Air Science Fume Box includes features expressed through sound design and certified quality construction. Options and accessories add functional performance to meet specific applications. • Professional Quality. Air Science enclosures comply with current technical and safety regulations. • Advanced Filtration. Air Science Multiplex filtration provides high performance protection. • Industrial Components. The enclosure frame and work surfaces are durable and chemically...

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Product Specifications Fum eiBm Ductless Enclosures, Low-Profile Horizontal Design MODEL PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS *Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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Product Options )©Ss Ductless Enclosures, Low-Profile Horizontal Design OPTIONS AND ACCESSORIES Vertical Mount* * Factory installed. Specify when ordering. STANDARDS & COMPLIANCE Quality Management Systems flir Science* 120 6th Street • Fort Myers, FL 33907 T/239.489.0024 • Toll Free/800.306.0656 • F/800.306.0677 www.airscience.com GSA ©2016 Air Science OW 10682 12/16 Air Science, FumeBox, Multiplex, and EFT are all registered trademarks of Air Science Corporation.

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