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Air Star Aero

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Air Star aero* Oil-Free Air Compressor

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Decades of Experience Air Techniques has been developing and manufacturing a wide range of oil-free piston compressors for more than 50 years. One of our newest developments is a robust, high-performance “wobble piston” design. Integrated with our fully automatic membrane drying system, this compact compressor supplies clean and dry air of the highest quality. Oil- and Maintenance-Free Outdated maintenance regimens, such as checking the oil level, changing and disposing of oil, is no longer necessary. Our air systems are environmentally friendly and provide the lowest cost of ownership....

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Several Solutions With Membrane Dryers Modern adhesive procedures require using moisture-free air to provide a reliable bond. The standard AERO unit comes with our proprietary membrane drying system built-in. This automatic condensate drainage system ensures that no moisture ever makes its way to your invaluable hand-pieces or into your patient’s mouth. (AERO “M” models.) Without Membrane Dryer For practices that would prefer to manually purge their tank moisture, the AERO is also available without the membrane drying system. These models are still equipped with all the necessary operating...

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ooo CORPORATE HEADQUARTERS 1295 Walt Whitman Road Melville, New York 11747- 3062 800-247-8324 AirStar and AERO are registered trademarks of Air Techniques, Inc. © Copyright 2018 PN 9922-157 Rev. D

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