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CamX Triton HD

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CAM^X® Triton HD INTERCHANGEABLE HEAD SYSTEM. Easily and quickly changed between caries diagnosis and intraoral imaging.

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Patient communication, caries diagnosis and documentation are at the highest level because of insurance demands and more informed patient populations. Camera systems from Air Techniques provide valuable support in dental treatment and foster patient understanding of your treatment recommendations. CamX Triton HD and its outstanding HD resolution sets new standards in intraoral imaging. Do you have high demands on image quality, depth of field and ease of operation? So do we. • The intelligent interchangeable head system supports you with aid in diagnosis and early detection of caries...

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Inte Slim rchangeable Head , Ergonomic Design Modern Sleek Design • Slim, rounded head enables easy access to even the posterior and provides greater patient comfort. Simple Functionality • One push Auto-focus button immediately brings image into sharp clarity from any distance. Versatile Capabilities • Flexible focal distance allows you to take images from full face to macro. Images in Real HD Quality • Brilliant HD image quality even in live video. Automatic Activation/ Deactivation • Motion sensor switches the camera on and off, ensuring efficient use. Capture on Release • Unique...

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VISUALIZATION OF CARIOUS AREAS A direct comparison between an image taken with the Air Techniques’ caries filter and an intraoral image helps patients to understand the treatment recommendation and for the practitioner to document progress before, during and after treatment. In the image created with the Spectra interchangeable head (left) the caries findings can be reliably identified in greater detail. In this example, the early-stage caries (blue) and deep enamel caries (red) are easy to spot. Healthy tooth enamel Incipient enamel caries Deep enamel caries Dentin caries Deep dentin...

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Cam - Intraoral, Extraoral and Macro Images in Real HD Quality CAM Intraoral Image Intraoral Image Maximum image quality for demanding requirements – with real HD resolution the camera system ensures pin-sharp HD images, even on large monitors. Thanks to the new autofocus, images are created quickly and with ease, whether intraoral, extraoral or macro images. Two LEDs ensure optimum and uniform illumination for excellent image quality. Macro Image Extraoral Image Spectra - Reliably Identify Caries and Plaque SPECTRA You will see more – the Spectra uses software to make occlusal and surface...

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For hygiene visits you can offer patients a graphic illustration of where more thorough cleaning is necessary. Thanks to the Spectra technology, there is no need for dental dye tablets or rinsing solutions. With the aid of before and after images you can also highlight the importance and added value of professional dental cleaning to your patients. Part Number    J2500 CamX Triton HD Cam & Spectra J2600 CamX Triton HD Cam Only Cable length    8.2 ft. (optional extension up-to 18 ft. via active Power Supply    USB (5V) Connections    USB 2.0 (USB 3.0 compatible) Multi-user application Plug...

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