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Modern OperatorV DBSWIN The Digital imaging Center for The

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Digital X-Ray Diagnostics With ScanX And ProVecta S-Pan/Ceph The powerful DBSWIN imaging software works with all digital X-Ray systems by Air Techniques. The ScanX PSP scanner and the ProVecta S-Pan/Ceph are also supported - stand-alone or on the practice network. DBSWIN enables the quick, efficient and safe use of digital X-Ray systems when taking and storing images. The software makes images more conclusive for diagnostic purposes thanks to automatic and individual image optimization. In addition to a magnification function, the functions include patented filters. The image data is...

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Diagnostics With ScanX Vi d eo D i a g no s t ic s An d C ar ie s Det ec t ion The DBSWIN video module controls all of the camera models in the CamX family of products. CamX Trition HD, CamX Elara and CamX Spectra produce intraoral and/or fluorescent images and allows DBSWIN to color code caries activity. This means that caries can be depicted with a high level of reproducibility and used as a tool to increase patient communication. DBSWIN can also access sources such as digital cameras and microscopes via a TWAIN interface. The software always enables the quick display to top-quality...

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Healthy tooth enamel Deep Incipient enamel caries enamel caries Dentin caries Deep dentin caries Caries findings are displayed using a color scale ranging from green to yellow supplemented by numerical value. This makes diagnostics easier, thus facilitating the choice of suitable treatment. FEATURES: • High quality intraoral images with CamX Triton HD intraoral camera • Video diagnostic with CamX Elara • Caries and plaque diagnostics with CamX Spectra or CamX Triton HD • Before/after comparisons and follow-ups • Use of image catalogs • Recording of vi

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Documentation And Communication With DBSWIN From A S i ng l e Pr ac tic e T o A C linic DBSWIN turns a diagnostic workstation into a digital image center for use in a single practice, a shared practice or a clinic. The constant adaption of DBSWIN in line with shifting standards keeps users up to date, even with regard to the connection to the practice management system. The fast and safe saving of data in individual practices or clinics in ensured thanks to an SQL database. C om mun i ca tio n V ia D I C O M Diagnostic exchange, interdisciplinary analysis of findings and joint treatment...

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DBSWIN has been in use in dental practices around the world for more than 10 years and is now available in 7 languages. This intuitive imaging software offers simplicity, compatibility and efficiency. All of Air Techniques' digital diagnostic systems can be controlled with DBSWIN. The integrated diagnostic tools support you in your work. DBSWIN is compatible with all standard diagnostic systems and practice management programs. Air Techniques adapts DBSWIN in line with the growing demands of dental practices. Users receive new releases free of charge. DBSWIN Management • SQL Database •...

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