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Develop Your Practice Excellence in film radiography means more effective film imaging. More than just a diagnostic tool, film radiography is still a popular medium to help patients better understand their case and treatment options. Air Techniques manufactures exceptional film processors, allowing you to achieve more accurate chemistry formulations, temperatures and replenishment rates. Air Techniques has two distinct film processors to meet your office needs. No matter which model you choose, you will be helping your patients to better understand their case and treatment options. Air...

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Film Duplicator For film duplication outside of a darkroom. Quickloader Covered Feed Chute Eliminates waiting until the last film is inside the processor before illuminating or exiting the darkroom. Panoramic Flat Bottom Daylight Loader Flat bottom enables you to save space. Panoramic Daylight Loader Allows processor to be installed outside the darkroom. Cleaning Products Spray 2000 Plus Removes build-up residue protecting films from roller deposits and prolongs the life of roller transports. Peri-Pro Transport Cleaning Kit Includes all items needed to clean a Peri-Pro Transport: 1 cleaning...

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For over 50 years, Air Techniques has been a leading innovator and manufacturer of dental products. Our priority is ensuring complete satisfaction by manufacturing reliable products and providing excellent customer and technical support. Whether the need is merchandise, digital imaging or utility room equipment, Air Techniques can provide the solution via our network of authorized professional dealers. Proudly designed, tested and manufactured in the United States, our products are helping dental professionals take their practices to the next level. Air Techniques' products are distributed...

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