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Monarch Enzymatic Cleaner is formulated with 5 active enzymes and the latest in advanced surfactant synergy, helping you to properly clean your instruments prior to sterilization. Monarch Enzymatic Cleaner • or use as presoak cleaner, ultrasonic detergent and for manual cleaning. F • apid removal of debris resulting in labor savings. R • isintegrates proteinaceous and fat materials, sugars and carbs in the tiniest crevices. D • eutral pH, non-corrosive resulting in protection of valuable instruments for longer life. N • Non-foaming. • vailable in convenient unit-dose packets and 84.5 oz....

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Monarch Instruments - 3

Soak and hold instruments in Monarch Safety Tray to make them easier to clean later. The tray also provides a safer way of transporting the instruments from the operatory to the instrument processing area. Monarch Safety Tray • acilitates easy and safe instruments processing. F • emovable perforated tray allows for easy rinsing, draining and pick-up of instruments. R • inged cover protects staff from bath-generated aerosols. H • onstructed of heavy gauge, high-impact plastic. C • olds 3 quarts; fill lines designate 1-quart increments. H Surfactant Synergy Monarch Enzymatic Cleaner contains...

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Instrument Processing Cycle Order Information Order No. Monarch Enzymatic Cleaner Box of 50 unit-dose packets; 1 packet makes 1 gallon (12 boxes per shipper case) Monarch Enzymatic Cleaner 84.5 oz. bottle; makes 125 gallons (4 bottles per shipper case) Monarch Safety Tray CORPORATE HEADQUARTERS 1295 Walt Whitman Road Melville, New York 11747- 3062 800-247-8324 WESTERN FACILITY 291 Bonnie Lane, Suite 101 Corona, CA 92880 - 2804 800-247-8324 Monarch is a registered trademark of Air Techniques, Inc. © Copyright 2017 PN 9922-29

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