ProVecta S-Pan Panoramic & Cephalometric X-Ray Units - 12 Pages

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ProVecta S-Pan Panoramic & Cephalometric X-Ray Units

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Air Techniques – experts in digital imaging ProVecta X-Ray Family: Extraoral and intraoral X-rays from a single source For over 50 years, dentists and large group practices have trusted Air Techniques as a provider of innovative products. Your practice will benefit from our experience with X-ray imaging and development of dental imaging software with filters for diagnosis support. ProVecta X-ray systems from Air Techniques set standards in sharpness and clarity for extraoral and intraoral images. By combining the ProVecta S-Pan panoramic and cephalometric X-rays with our ProVecta HD...

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ProVecta S-Pan Revolutionary S-Pan Technology Delivers Unmatched Sharpness with Unmatched Ease The ProVecta S-Pan from Air Techniques sets a new workflow which is supported by an innovative 7” touch standard in sharpness of extraoral imaging. The 2D display. The ProVecta S-Pan owes its excellent imaging panoramic X-ray unit offers ease of handling and optimal performance to two innovative technologies. First, the modern CsI sensor technology which enables better Keys to Panoramic Perfection image quality and, hence, significantly easier diagnosis. ▪ S-Pan technology for simpler diagnosis...

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ProVecta S-Pan – truly perfect imaging High-speed scanning with low X-ray dose All functions at a glance The intuitive 7” touch display visualizes all settings quickly and clearly. Handling and navigation are extremely userfriendly which leads to a smooth overall X-ray workflow. Simply select the examination type and patient information and you are ready to acquire your image. Panoramic X-ray programs Always the right image size With an image height of 150 mm, the ProVecta S-Pan displays an extended diagnosable jaw area and also the paranasal sinuses in high quality. If the child program is...

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S-Pan technology: Safe diagnosis due to extremely sharp images 1 layer clarity (competitor) 20 layer clarity (ProVecta S-Pan) Other digital X-ray units create panoramic images Together, they result in a panoramic image which along a preset shape which follows the jaw arch of an represents the actual anatomy of the patient. Deviations ‘average’ human in the axial plane. This shows a layer from the ‘average dentition’ are also taken into whose position can be considered as the unfolding of account as well as individual inclinations of the teeth. a flat sheet of paper that is placed upright...

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ProVecta S-Pan Ceph – exemplary ergonom Quick cephalometric projections with low X-ray dose Short scanning time, low X-ray dose, best image quality At 4.1 seconds, one of the shortest scanning times available in linear ceph designs, the patient’s exposure is reduced. Due to the modern highsensitivity CsI sensors, an excellent image quality can be achieved despite the low dose. Optimum workflow The ProVecta S-Pan Ceph comes with two high-end CsI sensors. This eliminates the tedious switching between the panoramic X-ray unit and the cephalometric arm. To start a cephalometric X-ray, you only...

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ProVecta S-Pan Ceph Low X-ray dose – high efficiency Quick cephalometric X-ray images with integrated in the unit eliminate the time- excellent image quality are achieved with consuming switching of the sensor, and thus the new ProVecta S-Pan Ceph and with the the risk of damage. All this makes ProVecta lowest possible dose. The reason for this is the S-Pan Ceph the ideal X-ray solution for your extreme short scanning time of the line sensor practice. In addition, the ProVecta S-Pan – from only 4.1 seconds – which significantly Ceph offers you all functions and advantages reduces the risk...

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How S-Pan Technology Works – An Algorithm as Unique as Each Patient The S-Pan technology, only available from Air Techniques, uses a unique algorithm to compile up to 20 separate images into one clear and sharp image in all areas of the dental anatomy. Unlike traditional 1 layer or 5 layer systems, the ProVecta S-Pan and ProVecta S-Pan Ceph acquire images that are specifically created for each individual patient. From a single exposure, the system acquires these 20 layers and slices them into 20,000 fragments. The best are selected and compiled to generate a single, exceptionally sharp...

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Figures, data and facts at a glance X-ray HV Generator Tube Voltage, current Tube Voltage, current Focal spot size Total filtration Focal spot size Total filtration Image Detector Image Detector Model Pixel size Active sensor surface Frame rate Model Pixel size Active sensor surface Frame rate Scan Times Scan Times Scan times Panorama program scan time From 2.5 to 13.5 secs. Panoramic X-rays of adults in quick scan mode: 7 sec. Magnification Factor Scan times Scanning times Ceph program From 4.1 to 12.9 secs. Lateral head radiograph in quick scan mode: 4.1 sec. Magnification Factor...

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Digital Imaging Without Limits ProVecta S-Pan CamX Spectra CamX Luna HD & Polaris Corporate Headquarters 1295 Walt Whitman Road | Melville, NY 11747-3070 | Phone 800.247.8324 | Fax 888.247.8481 Western Facility 291 Bonnie Lane, Suite 101 | Corona, CA 92880-2804 | Phone 800.247.8324 | Fax 951.898.7646 asssK QECHNIQUES

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