Spectra & Polaris Combination Brochure - 6 Pages

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Spectra & Polaris Combination Brochure

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Utility Room dental’S most capable camera combination. Spectra Named “Best of Class” 3 years in a row!

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& Better Tools. Better Dentistry. • Sturdy lightweight design fits comfortably in the hand. • 120° button ring makes it easy to freeze, unfreeze and capture images with one finger. • Unsurpassed comfort. NOW with a sleek new design and 120° button ring for added comfort! • Unique capture-upon-release feature makes capturing steady, blurproof images as easy as 1-2-3: 1. Depress button to activate camera 2. Aim camera 3. Release and Capture Image • The quick connect USB umbilical makes it easy to transport the cameras from room-to-room, and fits in traditional delivery system handpiece...

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features: The superior optics and broad focal range of Polaris deliver exceptional image quality to enhance your patient diagnosis and case presentation. • Fixed Focus technology allows all objects from 6mm to 40mm to remain in sharp detail. There’s no need to adjust anything. • Low-glare LED light. • Accessible to all areas of the oral cavity thanks to its small head design. Air Techniques is the longest standing manufacturer of intraoral cameras in the dental industry. features: The only caries detection aid that works like Doppler radar to discover caries earlier, as well as plaque and...

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Enhance case Management And increase case acceptance: • Makes it much easier to persuade patients to approve needed treatment, even when there’s no pain or discomfort. • Early detection means pinpointing problems at an earlier stage, which traditionally go undetected. This leads to more conservation and less excavation. - Polaris captures a clear image of the tooth and lets the patient see what you see. - Spectra’s Doppler radar-like images provide both color and numerical indicators to make the patient appreciate the severity of the problem. • Helps you explain how treatment now can avoid...

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Polaris Specifications Part Number: G5000 Dimensions (LxD): Video Outputs: High Speed USB 2.0 Video Ultra-Bright White LED Lamps Image: Normal, Not Mirrored Package Includes: Polaris Handpiece, 50 Camera Sheaths, 1 USB Umbilical, and 1 Chair Side Handpiece Holder Warranty: Part Number: G4600 Intraoral Combo (Polaris Package and Spectra Package Included) Spectra Specifications Part Number: G4000 Dimensions (LxD): Video Outputs: High Speed USB 2.0 Video Package Includes: Spectra Handpiece, 50 Camera Sheaths, 10 Positioning Spacers, 1 USB Umbilical, and 1 Chair Side Handpiece Holder Warranty:...

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For over 50 years, Air Techniques has been a leading innovator and manufacturer of dental products. Our priority is ensuring complete satisfaction by manufacturing reliable products and providing excellent customer and technical support. Whether the need is merchandise, digital imaging or utility room equipment, Air Techniques can provide the solution via our network of authorized professional dealers. Proudly designed, tested and manufactured in the United States, our products are helping dental professionals take their practices to the next level. Air Techniques' products are distributed...

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