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PE8 - 1

Design and absolute comfort... Precision Versatility

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PE8 - 2

Universality ONE UNIT FOR EVERYONE PE8 unit PE8 Evolution has been designed to suit all dentists’ working positions. Its various features make it a universal unit. PE8 from Quetin > Both right- and left-handed > Universal ergonomics > Functional balanced instrument arms with wide ranges of motion, or adjustable hanging tube instruments > Control by high resolution and colour touch DESIGN screen, or high-performance pneumatic technology > Great comfort for the practitionner, assistant ERGONOMICS COMFORT COST-EFFECTIVENESS

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PE8 - 3

The ambidextrous unit Quetin’s know-how is maintained by PE8 Evolution > erfect symetry of the layout, whatever the practioner’s and P assistant’s positions. > t takes a few seconds to switch over from right to left, or I from left to right.

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PE8 - 4

«Head-down» instruments «Head-up» instruments Whatever its position on the dentist’s module, each instrument is easy to take hold of and reposition, whether on the right or left. In the hanging tube instruments version, the adjustable instrument makes it easier to pick them up. Lateral flexibility Schéma longueur de cordon page 4 4 Instrument mobility The balanced instruments arms offer maximum lateral range of motion. This flexibility, combined with long tubes, provides optimum access to the patient’s mouth. Use of the instrument is adjustable. With or without guide, it is simply a matter...

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PE8 - 5

Functions UnIQUE display management MAIN MENU All the functions of the unit are displayed on the colour screen. This is easy to use to customize each parameter. The screen is fully airtight, for full hygiene. The programs of each practitioner are stored in a USB key. They contain not only the chair settings but also the functions of each instrument, depending on the treatment to be applied. 195-210 Menu général, page 5 et sur toutes les photos avec écran Micromotor speed display and preselection. Torque adjustment, and auto-reverse and auto-forward functions. Menu général, page 5 et sur...

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PE8 - 6

Environnement Fully modular design Filter The support incorporates an easily accessible filter for recovering accidentally sucked up items, and for easier suction system maintenance. Spittoon Removable, modular, and optional, the spittoon is attached to the back of the chair, in ambidextrous position. The glass bowl is available in 3 colours. Suction support The assistant’s module is a full-featured module. It is ergonomically designed for twohands or four-hands work. > To the two selectable suction cannulae, it is possible to add a broad choice of instruments. > The easily cleanable...

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PE8 - 7

Menu général, pageThe dimensions are in cen 5 et sur tout page 13 Ergonomic working positions Ecran détartre Wide backrest 10 to 12 o’clock working position. Narrow backrest 8 to 10 o’clock working position. To suit the working positions of each practitioner, page 9 2 adjustable backrests have been designed. Shape memory upholstery Each patient has their own morphology. For optimum comfort, the upholstery of the P8 consists of 3 different layers of latex foam. Schéma longueur de cordon page 4 A single button controls the vertically adjustable, double-articulated headrest. Pneumatic...

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PE8 - 9

Adjustable from 2 to 8 instruments, the module with hanging tubes instruments of PE8 Evolution is available in The dimensions are in centimetres an electronic version with touch screen, and in a pneumatic page 11 version. The assembly is attached to the chair on a compensated arm for perfect manoeuvrability.

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PE8 - 10

Flexibility I n s tr u m e n t s o n b a l a n c e d a r m s a tt a c he d t o the c h a i r Always perfectly easy to use due to the compensated arm, the balanced arm module accommodates 2 to 8 instruments. It is available in an electronic or pneumatic version to suit everyone.

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PE8 - 11

Flexibility W a l l - m o u n te d h a n g i n g t u b e i n s tr u m e n t s The unit is separated from the chair and retains all its features. Wall-mounted on a compensated arm and suited for storage in a cabinet, the ergonomics of the assembly is maximum.

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PE8 - 13

Flexibility A u n i t d e d i c a te d t o o rth o d o n t i c s The compact support associates a suction cannula and suitable dynamic instruments. The handiness of the articulated armmounted double tray attached to the chair is specially suited to orthodontics.

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PE8 - 14

Calbépuls® to decontaminate instrument heads, using a pressurized jet of air and water loaded with Calbenium®. IGN®, combined with CALBENIUM®, remains an indispensable solution for the hygiene of dental units and the treatment of spray water. The “zero germs at all times” objective can be achieved effortlessly. Aspisept® Calbépuls® Aspisept is a suction tube decontamination system using Calbenium®. ® Decontaminated water Distribution system water

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PE8 - 15

Colours A choice of 20 colours... Quetin is a french brand certified to ISO 9001 - EN 13485 To meet all the stringent requirements of the dental community, PE8 is a Class IIa CE-marked product. All units of the Airel-Quetin range are Recydent® - compliant 55 Menu général, page 5 et sur toutes les photos avec écran French manufacturer light orange metal pink Ecran détartreur page 5 45-80 blue-grey ultramarine metal blue Les cotes sont en centimètres Les cotes sont en centimètres Les cotes sont en centimètres Les cotes sont en centimètres Schéma longueur de cordon page 4 schéma IGN page 14,...

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