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Steam Sterilizers AMARO 5000 & STERI 21 AJ. COSTA (IRMAOS), LDA since 1953

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Technical Introduction A. J. Costa (Irmãos), Lda. steam sterilizers are designed to cover a large field of applications for hospitals and medical centers as well as pharmaceutical and biotechnological industries and research laboratories. They meet the latest features in state-of-the-art sterilization technology. A. J. Costa (Irmãos), Lda. sterilizers are available as multi-functional steam sterilizer with pre-vacuum and post-vacuum technology for healthcare facilities applications and gravity capabilities as laboratory liquids steam sterilizer. All sterilizers are available for...

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chamber, designed to disposes condensate to waste and equipped with safety systems to prevent sterilizer effluent from entering the sterilization chamber. An automatic steam condenser exhaust system reduces temperature of exhaust steam flowing to the drain. The automatic condensing system, consisting of a stainless steel heat exchanger, converts chamber steam to condensate and disposes condensate to waste. Cooling water flow is regulated by the waste line temperature control system to minimize water usage. On double door units the end frame bulkhead of the chamber are constructed of solid...

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Vertical or horizontal sliding door(s) Respectively for AJC 70x70 and AJC 70x112 sterilizers, have automatic operation, and each door is operated by one pneumatic cylinder mounted at the central inner part of the door. The operation of the cylinder is performed by air pressure and acts as a speed and motion control system. An adjustable restrictor controls the flow of compressed air, controlling the speed movement of the door. Door motion is controlled from the touch screen display. Horizontal door models are available with doors that slide from left-to-right, or right-to-left. AJC 50x50...

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Door(s) motion and operation have special interlock systems and are based on the following conditions:  A cycle cannot be started if the door(s) are not properly closed and lock control system is safely actuated.  A door cannot be opened while the automatic cycle operation of the steam sterilizer is in progress.  A door cannot be opened if the chamber is under pressure. Both doors cannot be opened at the same time. Opening of one door automatically locks the other. After opening the door on the unsterile side, even after closing it and it being locked and sealed, the door on the clean...

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1.2.6. Vacuum System Rapid evacuation of chamber air and moisture is achieved with a liquid ring vacuum pump. The vacuum pump reduces the chamber pressure during pre-vacuum and post-drying phases. A water conservation system is used to limit the consumption of the potable water during the process and to guarantee maximum efficiency of the vacuum pump. The liquid ring vacuum pump, works in a self-recirculated circuit, reducing water consumption. Effluent discharge temperature is further reduced by a dual pass, coil bundle, heat exchanger before entering the vacuum pump. The discharge...

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Steam pressure safety valve – Certified pressure relief valve that automatically opens to reduce pressure should excessive steam cause pressure build-up. Blow down/drain valve – Facilitates emptying the steam generator during blow down/drain sequence. Automatic blow down as OPTION. Steam pressure gauge – Positioned at service area allows visual observation of steam pressure over full range. 7 1.2.8. Control System The gauges, touchpad and printer are mounted in the stainless fascia panel. The electronic control system and software monitors and controls all sterilizer operations and...

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contact time for sterilization, selection of initial air removal stage and final stage of drying by vacuum assisted. It is also possible to set the drying time, vacuum control and the possibility of drying control assisted by residual humidity. The working cycles are completely customizable according to customer needs, since it is possible to program 18 different sterilization cycles. A list of real-time process critical values, the selected program, the main phases of the cycle, temperature, pressure and the status of the machine are controlled and displayed on a color touch screen digital...

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The bar Graph screen displays the chamber temperature and pressure as a bar graph and also shows a digital time representing the time remaining in the cycle. The Plot Graph screen displays the chamber temperature and pressure as a trend curve using a graphic display. A process data record printer and a graphic recorder (as OPTIONAL) are mounted at the "non -sterile side", to record all relevant process information like: program cycle steps, time, temperature, pressure, date, cycle start time, both sterilizer and daily cycle number, total cycle count, fault conditions, user verification and...

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limits are not achieved. User is password protected and as the ability for final acceptance and parametric release of the cycle load, and that is permanently recorded on the IMS software. 1.2.10. Temperature and Pressure Sensors and Gauges The system is equipped with up to four temperature sensors, two absolute pressure transducers, four pressure gauges, and safety devices having the following functions: The temperature sensors:  In the drain – control of heat exchanger, drain and liquid ring vacuum pump water temperature. In the chamber condensate line (double independent PT100 probe) –...

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Mounted on both the unsterile and sterile panel. This feature is designed to prevent human hazards, accidents or equipment breakdown in compliance with the European Standards EN-285 requirements. A. J. Costa (Irmãos), Lda. meets the provisions of the Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC and PED 97/23/EEC and the following standards: EN 285:2006 - Sterilization - Steam sterilizers - Large sterilizers ISO 17665-1:2006 – Sterilization of health care products - Moist heat - Part 1: Requirements for the development, validation and routine control of a sterilization process for medical devices...

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