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Available Models The steam sterilizer Uniclave 99, manufactured by A.J. Costa (Irmaos), Lda is a vertical steam sterilizer specially directed for laboratory requirements, ideal to process small loads that demand a precise and strict control of different sterilization cycle parameters. Versatile, with fixed sterilization cycles and also enables the operator to choose the sterilization cycle parameters. Applications The steam sterilizer Uniclave 99 sterilizes instruments, glassware, metallic utensils, liquids, rubbers and other thermo sensitive materials, filters, culture media, etc. The...

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General features ➢ The autoclave is controlled by a microprocessor. The entire operation is made on a touchscreen control panel; ➢ Simple operation interface; ➢ 4 pre-programmed cycles, with automatic operation and selection and introduction of parameters of the sterilization cycle ➢ Control panel - 3,4” greyscale touchscreen console - On/Off button; - Emergency/Stop pushbutton - Steam manometer ➢ Sound alarm for fault and cycle end; ➢ Vertical load of the sterilization chamber; ➢ Easy maintenance; ➢ Chamber material stainless steel AISI 304 mechanical polished; ➢ Cabinet enclosed stainless...

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➢ 3,5” Colour touchscreen (special option required for Printer, Liquids and Connected options) *; * Special option includes an automatic water level control system and automatic water operation * 9 pre-programmed cycles with automatic operation and programmable cycle parameters ➢ Thermal printer for registration and documentation of each sterilization cycle (printer option); ➢ Incorporated temperature sensor to control the temperature inside product being sterilized PT100 (Liquids option); ➢ Air ballast balance (Liquids option); ➢ Heating temperature plateau (Liquids option); ➢...

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*Other electrical connections are available upon request. > Drainage > Water (depending on model) > The steam sterilizer Uniclave 99, conforms with the following directives and standards: - Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/UE. - Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive 89/336/CE. - EN 61326 - Electrical Equipment for measurement, control and laboratory use. - Electromagnetic Compatibility EN 61000. > A. J. Costa (Irmaos), Lda, is certified ISO EN 9001 Certificates are issued by SGS-UKAS and assure that A.J.Costa (Irmaos), Lda, fulfils the requirements of quality management systems, which...

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