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Akino Laparoscopy Catalogue - 2

Integrated CMOS Platform -Latest image capture technology is based on CMOS platform. CCD is becoming obsolete as CMOS has higher native resolution & direct digital image capture. Result is high image resolution, more natural colours & better light sensitivity. Akino, Erato series uses latest integrated CMOS technology that has latest Algorithms & Softwares which enable surgeons to get bettersurgical vision FEATURES + 4K - 3840 x 2160P pixels on Integrated CMOS, 4K resolution + Dual Vimage mode for malignant tissue detection + Hi Res mode for ultimate clarity + Built in full HD Recording...

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Akino Laparoscopy Catalogue - 3

Optical Zoom Knob Erato 3 - 6 MP with Recording FEATURES + 6MP- 1920x1080 pixels on Integrated CMOS, full HD native resolution + Dual Vimage modefor malignanttissue detection + Hi Res modefor ultimate clarity + Built in full HD Recording with quality same as live surgery + Digital & optical zoom as standard option. Surgeons will not losethefield now + Ethernet output fortransmitting recorded images on yourserver + 8 Surgery selection modes, ideal in multispeciality hospitals. No need to adjust internal settings + 4 buttons on camera head for 8 functions - Surgery selection, Menu - just in...

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Akino Laparoscopy Catalogue - 4

Erato 2-2 MP with Recording FEATURES + Integrated CMOS platform * 2 MP - 1920x 1080 pixels on CMOS, Full HD native resolution + Hi Res mode for ultimate clarity + Built in full HD recording - 1080p + 8 Surgery Selection modes + 4 buttons on camera head for 8 functions - Surgery selection, Menu - just in case to fine tune some parameters to surgeon's personal liking, Digital Zoom, Vimage ON/OFF, Hi Res ON/OFF, Video recording and Still image capture + Single Vimage mode for malignanttissue detection * Red & Blue adjustments + Outputs DVI-Dx2, HD - SDIx2 . Easy to connect to satellite...

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Akino Laparoscopy Catalogue - 5

Surgical Displays - FHD Akino Surgical Displays are latest generation medical grade displays that gives brilliant image. Loaded with 14 bit LUT processing, Akino monitors show better images even in deeper cavities. FEATURES Full HD Surgical displays, IPS, LED back light. High luminance of 1000 cd/m2, twice as bright as conventional medical displays. Color Depth capability with 1.07B Colors. Multiple inputs & outputs - DVI-D, 3G-SDI, HDMI AVAILABLE IN SIZES 1) 24” Surgical Display - Full HD - 1920 x 1200 2) 27” Surgical Display - Full HD - 1920 x 1080 14 bit LUT video enhancement processing...

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Akino Laparoscopy Catalogue - 6

BRIGHTER THAN 300 WATTS XENON + TURRET FOR FOC + SMALL SCOPE MODE + SPECIAL COOLING MECHANISM . DUAL FAN LED Light Source - Staro 2 Akino, Staro 2 LED light source is designed to give high colour accuracy like Xenon. It has very high CRI that gives better colours. Packed with lot of safety features to protect FOC &enhancethe life of Endoscopes. FEATURES + LED light source with Turret for Multi brand cable adaptability + Intensity higherthan 300wattsXenon + Special cooling mechanism with dual fan keeps output temperature under control + Unique small scope mode so that scopes 4mm & below...

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Akino Laparoscopy Catalogue - 8

dkinoSurgery SimplifiedAkino Medical Pte Ltd www.akinomedical.com JAPAN: # Level 9 Ariake Frontier Building, Tower B 3-7-26 Ariake, Koto-ku, Tokyo 135-0063, Japan Tel: +81 35530 8429 Email: info.jp@akinomedical.com SINGAPORE: 362, Uppar Paya Lebar Road, #04-09, Da Jin Factory building, Singapore - 534963 Tel: +65 68087810 Email: info.sg@akinomedical.com

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