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Align^/te™ A Bra That Works As Hard As You The AlignMe™ Bra uses resistance to interact with your body to: • Support the alignment of the chest, neck, scapula & spine • Activate muscles with built-in controlled tensions • Provide important biofeedback for muscle retraining • Improves Postural Fitness™ EVIDENCE BASED APPAREL ALIGNMED^

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THE FIT: The underband around the chest needs to be comfortable but firm. A good gauge to ensure a good fit as being able to fit 2 fingers between the underband and your skin. The cups should provide firm support and comfort. CARE: THE EXPERIENCE: FEATURES: ...starts when you put on your AlignMe™ Bra You will experience: • A Gentle Pull • Thermogenesis Muscle Heat This is your muscles activating • Pain Relief • Muscle Fatigue Due to increased muscle activity • Correct Body Alignment • Improved Performance • Faster Recovery Rate • Increased Mobility •BENEFITS MAY VARY P:...

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