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The S3™ supports upper extremity structures by distributing loads through the spine and trunk. 51 71 Cervical pain Rotator cuff weakness Mid thoracic pain Scapular dyskinesis Thoracic outlet syndrome Impingement syndrome Glenohumeral instability Biceps tendonitis Improper posture results in back, neck and shoulder Low back pain pain. Activities of daily living can create overdeveloped muscles that pull the body forward. Dysfunctional alignment is present at the office while working on the computer, at school carrying backpacks and in training during athletic performance. Restores cervical alignment Reduces tendon stress Decreases tension Repositions the scapula Inhibition of anterior muscles Increases scapular posterior tilt Maintains humerus in center of glenoid Decreases tension on the biceps Distributes weight to trunk The S3™ is a spine and scapula stabilizing system designed to improve posture, reduce pain and expedite recovery. The patented design signals the brain to correct improper posture, by re-educating and re-engineering the muscles surrounding the shoulder and spine. "The S3™ System optimizes the position of the scapula to enhance the tone of the scapular stabilizing muscles. It simultaneously stretches the tight anterior structures to correct postural alignment and helps restore normal shoulder kinematics.” Ben Rubin M.D. 91936 East Deere Avenue, STE 115 Santa Ana, CA 92705

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“The S3 System optimizes scapular motion, and increases rotator cuff strength, all of which improve treatment of shoulder injuries.” W. Ben Kibler M.D Posture for a better life IMPROVE POSTURE REDUCE PAIN EXPEDITE RECOVERY THE SYSTEM The universal S3™ is designed with three separate strapping systems (A, B & C) to address different issues related to the spine and scapula. This flexibility provides for a custom fit. Proprioceptive padding is used to stimulate neurologically rich areas. THE TECHNOLOGY Over a decade of research and development have gone into the science and technology of the S3™...

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