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1936 East Deere Ave. #115 Santa Ana, CA 92705 Dynamic Recovery From Spine and Shoulder Surgery Management of Chronic Pain Prescription Strength Posture Management Reimbursement Code L0457 FDA Registered The World Leader in Wearable Therapy V\www.alignmed.com Patent US 9,452,078 B2 3) Grab the adjustable Posture Bands, located at each side of the Vest. Attach to upper area of the Velcro Panels for a comfortable pull back of the shoulders and scapula. Application of Lumbar and Abdominal Support Panels Recommended use is 2-4 hours or more per day as tolerated Always follow the advice of your medical caregiver The SinalCp Rx comes with 2 rigid panels: USING THE SPINE AND SCAPULA SUPPORT PANEL USING THE FRONT ABDOMINAL SUPPORT 1. Spine and Scapula Support Panel 1. Unzip the SpinalQ Rx and lay on a flat surface. 1. Before attaching the Lumbar Belt, place the Front Panel to your belly button. 2. Abdominal Support Panel 2. Attach the Spine Panel with the Velcro strips located on Panel to the Velcro 2. Attach the Lumbar Straps to the Front Panel one at a time, landing pads on the inside surface of the Vest. 3. Adjust the Lumbar Straps and the Posture Bands for optimal comfort. The SPINALQ® Rx is designed to help you recover from surgery, injury, chronic pain or just bad posture. The SPINALQ® Rx can be used over or under your clothing, and with or without the rigid panels. Always follow the advice of your medical caregiver. Feel free to contact us, we’re here to help you with a lifetime of Postural Fitness™

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