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GAME CHANGER Carriere System Archwires with the Innovative EZ Stops™ System ® The following archwires complement the Carriere philosophy of fast, gentle, and natural tooth movement. • Cu ™ Nitanium ® 27°C Archwires - This wire series provides optimal nickel titanium forces with the additional flexibility required for easy placement in crowded cases, and comfortable tooth movement. • Cu Nitanium 35°C Archwires - This wire series is activated at normal body temperature to facilitate easy engagement, consistent forces, and efficient tooth movement using transitional temperature changes back and forth between the “soft” martensite state and “firm” austenite state. • CNA ® Beta III Archwires - This wire displays superb formability for final adjustments. More flexible than stainless steel, but once intended shape is formed, the archwire maintains its integrity. The wire has a smooth, high-polished finish which provides less friction making it the perfect archwire for use with self-ligating brackets. • Bio-Kinetix ® Thermally Activated Nitanium Archwires - An excellent finishing wire due to its greater flexibility and minimal stiffness. The cross section fills the bracket slot to fully express the final torque, and correct any rotational needs. Easy positioning SLX Cu Nitanium Archwires are also available with our optimal EZ Stops delivery system which incorporates tube stops pre-loaded onto a disposable holder, packaged pre-threaded on each wire. • No more frustration with sticky sliding • Easy to see Twist to remove holder

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