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Endura® Plus™ Orthodontic Instruments Performance, Usability, and Guaranteed Reliability Our new Endura Plus Instruments have been designed and manufactured with an attention to detail that will assure enhanced performance and longevity. The care and precision that goes into each and every instrument will ensure a quality you can rely on every time you pick one up! Endura Plus Instruments offer the following advantages: • Superior performance stainless steel inserts • Polished, corrosion-resistant finish • Smooth and contoured edges • Reliable flush screwjoint • Laser-engraved part numbers and applicable wire sizes on handles • Lifetime warranty against material defects and cr

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* Ortho Organizers warrants Endura Plus Instruments to be free from material defects and craftsmanship for the life of the product. Cutters, benders, and utility pliers are guaranteed for three (3) years. This covers corrosion, joint failure, and breakage under normal use. Proper cleaning and maintenance is required to maintain the warranty. These orthodontic instruments are designed for use with steam autoclave. Steam autoclaves will not dull cutters. Other types of sterilizing methods include chemical vapor or dry heat. Ortho Subscribe to our eNews: For more...

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