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Maestro® - 1

Maestro Low-Profile Bracket System ® Orchestrating controlled treatment for finely tuned finishes.

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Maestro® - 2

Discover the Precision, Comfort, and Control of MIM-Manufactured Maestro Brackets The Maestro Low-Profile Bracket System harmonizes the enduring precepts of classic orthodontic design with state-of-the-art engineering. The result is a complete orthodontic appliance system with corresponding buccal tubes—contemporary in form and function—that achieves the optimum clinical outcome in metal aesthetics, as well as the comfort that patients seek without sacrificing the precision and control that practitioners need. A finely tuned appliance design for predictable, efficient treatment, and...

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Maestro® - 3

IN-DEPTH RESEARCH ON TOOTH MORPHOLOGY SUPPORTS SUPERIOR ENGINEERING FOR A FINELY TUNED DESIGN AND FINISHES Anatomically contoured base and pad nestle each tooth for positioning that feels right Smooth rounded surfaces ensure patient comfort Small profile is balanced with deep, tie-wing undercuts that ease secure ligation Optional gingivally offset brackets, on large bonding bases of bicuspids, minimize bond failures 80-gauge, micro-etched bondable mesh pad offers proven bond adhesion Torque-in-base provides level slot lineup, and helps avoid occlusal interferences Optimized mesial-distal...

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Maestro® - 4

MAESTRO SYSTEM: A COMPLETE 7X7 SYSTEM Maestro Buccal Tubes complete the appliance system. The 80-gauge mesh pad, compound contoured base, and defined buccal indent, provides you with the precise control needed throughout all phases of treatment. The large funneled entrance, side-grip areas, and color-coding make for easier identification, placement, positioning, plus wire insertion. The patient will have one of the most comfortable experiences with its smooth shape, low profile, rounded edges, and lowered hook. The Maestro Buccal Tube orchestrates all components of the system seamlessly,...

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