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Self-ligating braces are different from traditional braces as they do not require elastic ties to hold the archwire in the bracket slot. The placement of elastic ties on traditional braces puts unnecessary pressure and increased friction on your teeth, which causes discomfort and slows treatment. Instead of elastic ties, SLX Self-Ligating Braces feature a sliding gate that opens and closes to engage the wire, allowing the teeth to move more quickly, more easily, and more comfortably than conventional braces.* * Based on the study "Self-ligating brackets: where are we now" N.W.T. Harradine, Journal of Clinical Orthodontics, 2003 CARRIERS CONFIDENCE. FOR LIFE ~ A beautiful smile enhances your quality of life and is an investment that lasts a lifetime. Let us and your orthodontic professional show you how easy it is to obtain your desired smile with SLX Braces. For more information on our products ar educational offerings, please contact us: Customer Service: 888.851.0533 In the U.S.: 800.5472000 Outside the U.S.: +(1) 760 448 8600 ORTHODONTICS Canada: CERUM 8°°.661.9567 The NewMovemenli„ Orthodontics™ Ortho Organizers, Inc. 1822 Aston Ave. Carlsbad, CA 92008-7306 USA © 2017 Ortho Organizers, Inc. All rights reserved. PN 999-256 RevB 2/17 U.S. Patent No. 7,621,743, and foreign patent numbers 2,547,433, 1723927, and 2006202089.

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SLX SELF-LIGATING BRACES SYSTEM Benefits for You! Before Treatment With SLX Braces, achieving a beautiful smile in the shortest possible time has never been so easy. The sleek, comfortable SLX Braces were designed with you, the patient, in mind. Utilizing the latest in advanced orthodontic technology, SLX Braces ensure the most comfortable, effective, and fastest treatment available. Plus, the self-ligating design of the braces eliminate the need for elastics or Fewer Office Visits 40% fewer appointments on average, which gives you more time to enjoy your regular activities.* Shorter...

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