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Serving Healthcare since A (lendersPassion for excellence Successfully installed Cathlabs W RLDWIDE Proxima cs Ceiling Suspended Cathlab with New " Sy n e rgy Acq u i s it i o n " Software Quality, System and Safety Certifications

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ABOUT US Allengers since 1987, is revolutionizing the medical world with its offering of a wide range of high quality, cost effective state of the art medical equipment from its headquarters at Chandigarh. Thanks to the trust and confidence of our valued customers, Allengers has emerged as a fine, world class company and a major force to reckon with in the medical equipment field. MANUFACTURING UNITS One of the India's largest manufacturing facilities of medical devices - Spread over an area of 100,000 Sq. Mtrs. Presently, being exported to more than 100 countries in the continents of...

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Proxima CS is a fusion of optimum image quality at low X-Ray dose along with versatile and fast movements upto 250/sec. It enables the user to perform complex cardiac and interventional procedures. It's 100 KW X-Ray generator with 3MHU liquid metal bearing X-Ray tube add power and endurance. Available with FPDs 20 x 20 cm / 30 x 30 cm. Comprehensive Cardio-Vascular Interventional System ■ Detector size 20 x 20 cm / 30 x 30 cm. i 1K x 1K / 1.5K x 1.5K resolution & High DQE value. ■ 55" high resolution, high luminous coloured monitor with multiple display options / medical grade monitor. ■...

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Multiple display 2 x 3 REAL DOSE "2DOSE": ■ Dose management display in real time. ■ Frame rate settings. ■ Tube heating can be controlled. ■ Radiation dose can be controlled. Stem Enhancement STENT Acquit Dose saving protocol helps the user to minimize radiation. Available Heat Unit Multiple display 1 x 2 Multiple display 2 x 2

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■ Rotational Angiography (RA) is a method to acquire diagnostic images while the Cathlab gantry is in motion. ■ Multi-dimensional view is available with better details of the anatomy. ■ RA image data can be used to generate a 3D reconstructed volume of vascular anatomy. This reconstructed data can be used to plan intervention and treatment. ■ RA helps to reduce the volume of contrast agent used as well as radiation dose. RA is also useful in case of visualization of complex vascular structures. MONO SCAN Right Coronary Angiography (RCA) and Left Coronary Angiography (LCA) can be done with...

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Addressing complex work flow through fast and programable movement control True Isocentric C-Arm geometry with pre-programmable positions and proximal sensors provide deep, quick and safe angulations in all projections. Anti Collision Proximity Sensor on FPD (Ensures patient safety) Anti Collision on Tube Side Rotational Movement of FPD (Ensures all related views)

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L-Arm Movements Flexible "Around The Patient" movements of L-Arm (±900) helps in conducting various interventional procedures like Pacemaker Implantation, Radial and Peripheral Interventions Transversal / Longitudinal movement Table Features i 8 Axis (longitudinal / transverse / up & down) movements. ■ Extended table top for full body coverage. i Radiolucent carbon composite table top. i EM locks to stop movements at any desired position. ■ Rotational swivel movement.

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Foot End Touch Monitor Foot End Control Panel Touch screen module provides easy access to the operator to select the frequently used functions along with image during the procedure. It can be placed on either side of the table. Compact and user friendly unit which consists of all the controls for Cathlab gantry, Flat Panel Detector, Collimator and patient table with joy sticks. It also provides controls for post image processing like play, pause, scene ±, DSA and road map.

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Stent View Coronary Images Keeping ‘high’ image quality and ‘low’ radiation dose are the most prominent drivers in the development of our imaging portf

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Monitors (2 Nos.) : High resolution and high luminance monitors : ■ 1 No. 27" Live Monitor i 1 No. 19" Monitor NEW SYNERGY ACQUISITION SOFTWARE Efficient Digital Imaging Workflow (DICOM 3.0) Imaging Software : ■ Image acquisition up to 30 fps @ 1K x 1K / 1.5K x 1.5K resolution in fluoro and cine. ■ QCA, QLVA, measurements of length angle, stenosis and area. ■ Real time online DSA, road map, pixel shifting, re-masking and peak opacification. CISCO ROUTER FOR REMOTE SYSTEM DIAGNOSIS ■ Secure connectivity. ■ 24 x 7 remote assistance for remote diagnostics. ■ Remote configuration and management...

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Allengers ASSURE Protocols mechanism ensures minimum radiation dose to the operational staff and patient in the procedure room. ASSURE Protocols use different methods to control the primary beam and scattered radiation and keeps them far below the safe radiation limits. Upper / Lower Body Protection : Ceiling suspended lead acrylic protection screen and lead flaps ensures radiation safety for upper and lower body. Fixed Filter SID Control : Variable Source to Image Distance reduces X-Ray dose by minimizing the distance between X-Ray source and image receptor. Grid Switching : Reduces soft...

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PRODUCT INFORMATION ASSURE Protocols : All X-Ray based equipments involve some potential risk of radiation exposure. We, at Allengers understand your concerns. Allengers is fully committed towards radiation safety and care of its customers. | Allengers has introduced ASSURE Protocols, which is a step in the direction of delivering best possible image quality at lowest possible dose. Assure s Allengers products with ASSURE Protocols are carefully crafted to protect users and patients from unwanted leakages in the X-Ray equipment. ASSURE version mentioned is based upon highest configurations...

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