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Healthcare Management System - 1

Healthcare Management System For Hospitals | Clinics | Labs | Scan Centers “It has aided us a lot in the effective management and maintenance of our entire data. Very accurate and user friendly with MIS tools for senior management. Everything is available at the click of a button” - Ambuja Group “We are using Clarity for more than 3 years. Not just their software but their prompt services have also been quite satisfactory towards making our entire hospital digitalized. It has good features that help us a lot in the decision making of our hospital as a business unit. Both the software & their team helped us a lot in managing our NABH affiliation process.” - Grecian Super Specialty © Allengers Infotech 2016. All rights re

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Healthcare Management System - 2

A comprehensive Healthcare Management System (HMS) meant for effectively managing the clinical, organizational and monetary aspects of any healthcare organization. Tenable, consistent and impeccably designed to prove helpful to the health care fraternity in managing patient information, administration, doctor itineraries, providing the management with MIS information and much more. It also provides an accurate, electronically stored medical record of patients (EMR), which can later be used for statistical and research purposes. Total Modules: Enhances Efficiency Streamlines your workflow &...

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Healthcare Management System - 3

Module Details Patient Management This module deals with overall patient care and management related to the Reception Desk, OPD, IPD, Laboratory, Radiology etc and is concerned with the effective management of appointments, visitor management and covering various aspects of Indoor & Outdoor patients. Reception Desk ª Gives you the business intelligence of mapping the patient appointments with the doctors/physicians by checking & highlighting their specialization & availability. ª Individual appointment schedules for each physician with respect to the specialty. ª Cancellation and...

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Healthcare Management System - 4

ª Doctor Roster – The complete list of the schedules of various doctors are maintained to check the availability of those doctors at different time periods. ª Doctor Desktop – The doctors can log into the systems with their ID's and view the list of patients they need to attend that day or any of the relevant details that they need to specify. ª Health Package Information and Processing – The patients can opt for various health packages also and same can be maintained and processed for any of the references. ª Printing of reports - OPD register, user wise payments, investigation reports,...

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Healthcare Management System - 5

ª Sample Collection – The specimen required for performing any of the tests is categorized and accordingly collected. ª Entry of Test result and its approval from supervisor and concerned doctors. ª Maintains the lab stock – The stock of the lab equipments, chemicals etc is maintained. Radiology Radiology module takes care of complete radiological services and their integration with the rest of modules in hospital. It provided excellent reporting tools for radiology tests. It lets you create multiple templates and set the authentications for approvals. It streamlines hospital radiology...

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Healthcare Management System - 6

Ward Management This module takes care of room / ward allocation once the patient is admitted in IPD. Following are its aspects and features: ª Facilitates patient admission and assigns bed to patient. ª Maintains a chart indicating allocated / vacant beds in a hospital. ª Bed swapping & transfer supported. ª Online track of patient location in a hospital. ª Occupancy status – The complete patient occupancy status of room/wards. ª Patient case sheet - The case sheet will have the complete details of the patient record, starting from patient admission till discharge. Multiple visits of...

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Healthcare Management System - 7

ª Sale Bill Return – In case, if any material that has already been sold comes back to the stores, then correspondingly this change can be updated in the current stock carrying the specifications that from which party/patient it is being returned. ª Batch Wise Monitoring – We can have a look at different medicines according to their batch wise status and accordingly can calculate which batches of particular medicines are about to expire. Provisions for FIFO (First In First Out), LIFO (Last In First Out) is also available. ª Reports like Item Opening, Stock Transfer, Live Stock, Issue Slip,...

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Healthcare Management System - 8

Financial Management This module takes care about all the aspects of financial accounting transactions of modern day hospitals. It includes Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, General Ledger, Debit Credit Notes, and Trial Balance. ª Finance Masters – Groups, Sub Groups, Party, Bank, Collection, Form Type, vouchers, Payment Terms, Account Main groups, Sub groups, currency etc. ª Voucher Generation – This involves of Cash Voucher, Bank Voucher, Contra Voucher, and Journal Voucher. ª Bank Reconciliation – This will let you match the physical books with the bankbooks. ª Masters of Party,...

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Healthcare Management System - 9

ª Pre/Post-Operative Activity – This will define the set of pre/post instructions that need to be taken care of before/while/or after the surgery. ª Surgery Activity – It maintains a record of the complete details of the activities performed during the surgery. ª Resource/Equipment Allocation – It makes and allocates the list of all the resources required in OT for surgery. ª Registration of bills regarding the items consumed during operation. ª Requisitions during or after surgery for supplies like blood, oxygen, other items etc. Sterilization (CSSD) The Central Sterile Services...

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Healthcare Management System - 10

ª Physiotherapy Schedule – This maintains an appointment schedule of the complete list of patients that are to visit for therapy. ª Therapy Report – This is a final report prepared by the physiotherapist after attending a patient. ª Physio-equipments – Set of different equipments required for therapies like for Short Wave Dia-therapy (SWD), Supportive Services This module covers the other miscellaneous services offered by the hospital apart from its routine services. Ambulance Management It is concerned with the complete management of ambulances in a hospital. This includes their bookings,...

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