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Screen Type Display Area External Display Internal Battery Charging Time Battery Backup Operating Temperature Operating Humidity Storing Temperature Leads Selection Heart Rate Range Heart Rate Accuracy Bandwidth Diagnostic Bandwidth Monitoring Sweep Speed Pacemaker Detection Input Dynamic Range Defib Protection Two way central nursing station connectivity Connectivity to external video display (optional) 1000 readings of NIBP, 96 hrs for all other parameters Up to 8 waveforms can be displayed at any time. Numeric display include HR / PR / Sp02 % / NIBP with Max. 8 hours to full capacity I, II, III in 3 lead configuration (any one lead at a time) Indicator on wave form displayed Selectable arrhythmia detection Adult, pediatric, neonatal modes Protected against 360 JOULE discharge and electrostatic potentials MODELS AVAILABLE : ECG, NIBP, Sp02, Respiration and temperature Allengers Libra-A-105 <PCus : ECG, NIBP, Sp02, Respiration and temperature "Allengers Libra-A-106 <PCus : Standard 105 Plus+dual IBP "Allengers Libra-A-107 Vtus : Standard 105 Plus+dual IBP+ETC02 ***Allengers Libra-125 <PCus : ECG, NIBP, Sp02, Respiration and temperature ***Allengers Libra-126 <PCus : Standard 125 Plus+dual IBP ***Allengers Libra-127 <Btus : Standard 125 Plus+dual IBP+ETC02 * General application screen size 10.4" ** Critical & general application screen size 10.4" *** Critical & general application screen size 12.1" Saturation Range Pulse Rate Pulse Rate Accuracy Cautery Protection Protected against external cautery Automatic Oscillometric Mean Arterial Pressure MEASUREMENT MODES Manual measurement Stat Mode Initial Cuff Inflation Range Pulse Rate Range Over Pressure Monitor Single initiated by NIBP start /step switch Average of all readings in 5 minutes OPTIONAL MODULES PRINTER, Wi-fi, Touch RECORDING SYSTEM (Optional) Thermal Paper Print Channel ACCESSORIES INCLUDED NIBP Tubing NIBP Cuff Sp02 Reusable Sensor Probe 5 Lead ECG Patient Cable Disposable Electrodes Temperature Probe Operation Manual Thermal printer Dual channel printing Allengers's Series of CARDIO Products: Pulse Oximeter: LIBRA - OXYPLUS • Stress Test System : GEMINI- A-DX, A-WL, A-AM, WL-AM • Central Monitoring System: LIBRA-CMS Quality, System and Safety Certifications ALLENGERS MEDICAL SYSTEMS LTD. S.C.O. 212-213-214, SECTOR 34-A, CHANDIGARH -U.T. 160 022 (INDIA) DOMESTIC SALES: INTERNATIONAL SALES: EUROPEAN REPRESENTATIVE: JMC Medical Sprl (Mr. Jean Marc Claeys) 58, Avenue du Pare de Woluwe, B-1160 Brussels, Belgium MANUFACTURED BY: ALLENGERS GLOBAL HEALTHCARE (P) LTD. For detailed technical specifications, please refer to the respective product data sheets / quotation. Due to continuous product improvements, specifications and appearance are subject to change without prior notice. . LIBRA / LIBRA PLUS SERIES

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USER FRIENDLY - EASE OF OPERATION • 10.4" / 12.1" TFT Large screen for better • Configurable wave form display. • Direct key operation for all important • Design suitable for transit monitoring. • Adult, pediatric and neonate applications. Field upgradable to dual IBP & EtC02. Nurse Call Powerful LEDs Single knob to browse ENHANCED VISIBILITY • Customized to view waveforms and numeric value. • Big font better viewing from vital signs. Both audio and visual alarms for vital signs. • Night mode for patient comfort and to enhance TFT life. tabular non-volatile trend. STI AL| n^ol f^iTol \~OFF]...

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