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Mobi IXDR Advantages • Perfectly dry film printing (no chemicals). • Post processing adds more to the image quality. • No input power required for taking an exposure. • Complete digital radiography solution on wheels. • No physical movement of cassettes (faster operation). • Superb image quality due to fine pixels and high contrast range. • Efficient and user friendly work flow due to DICOM based system. • Battery powered, motor assisted movements for easy maneuverability. • Wide dynamic range (soft tissues and hard bones can be seen together). • Digital image processing (overcomes errors in exposure factors selection). • Preview image is available in less than 3 seconds (no long wait for patient). • Easy to connect with existing HIS/HMS/RIS/PACS in a hospitals environment. MAJOR TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS ALLENGERS MEDICAL SYSTEMS LTD. S.C.O. 212-213-214, SECTOR 34-A, CHANDIGARH -U.T 160 022 (INDIA) DOMESTIC SALES: INTERNATIONAL SALES: EUROPEAN REPRESENTATIVE: JMC Medical Sprl (Mr. Jean Marc Claeys) 58, Avenue du Pare de Woluwe, B-1160 Bruxelles, Belgium TOLL FREE NO. 1800-266-8800 (INDIA) For detailed technical specifications, please refer to the respective product data sheets / quotation. Due to continuous product improvements, specifications and appearance are subject to change without prior notice.

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MobilXDR Provides: Welcome to the world of Allengers, a world that understands your needs, a world that actually cares. Allengers, an Indian MNC, National Award Winner - 2010 from The President of India, is a leading manufacturer covering a wide spectrum of medical diagnostic equipments. Allengers, years of expertise in imaging solutions, coupled with innovative research, results in providing a cost effective, dynamic, compact, mobile and portable digital radiography solutions to the medical world. Allengers MobilXDR Series, a state-of-the-art battery powered, motor assisted Mobile DR can...

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Spring balance auto locking facility in case of electro magnetic switch Dead Man Switch to lock movements Easy, jerk free, noise free, battery assisted movement with optima weight distribution and large whee —Anti collision system. 360° movement of front wheels for easy maneuverability. Extended telescopic movement and rotation of X-Ray tube arm for wider coverage. Inch move controls for equipment with respect Single touch, all locks A retractable tape meter, for easy SID measurement.

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MAJOR DETECTOR SPECIFICATIONS User friendly 17" large touch screen operating console for easy work flow and images review Large diameter rear wheels 360° moveables front wheels Anti collision system 2 step push switch + IR for optimal weight distribution with shock absorber for remote for exposure and easy mobility excellent maneuverability

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