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Reflector opening Electrodes / spark gaps Shock wave coupling Focal distance Focal zone Water capacity Water storage Water drain Membrane filling system Locating system Digital displays on panel Shocks per minute selection Mode selection Control panel Treatment table Power supply Under water spark gap discharge by electrohydraulic technique Long life adjustable electrodes Flexible latex membrane With pump With pump With pump Removable focal point locator Normal / ECG / Respiration (optional) Electronic computerized touch key panel Motorized three axis table (up/down movement, longitudinal, transverse movement) with remote. • Focal point locator • Tool for fixing/ removing spark gap • Spark gaps • Membrane • Ring • Jelly • Servo stabilizer • Spark gap adjusting gauge 230V (± 10%), AC, 50 / 60 Hz., Single Phase, 15 Amps. Allengers - Line Frequency / High Frequency C-Arm Image Intensifiers (Models : As per customer's intended applications). Quality, System and Safety Certifications ALLENGERS MEDICAL SYSTEMS LTD. S.C.O. 212-213-214, SECTOR 34-A, CHANDIGARH -U.T. 160 022 (INDIA) DOMESTIC SALES: INTERNATIONAL SALES: EUROPEAN REPRESENTATIVE: JMC Medical Sprl (Mr. Jean Marc Claeys) 58, Avenue du Pare de Woluwe, B-1160 Brussels, Belgium TOLL FREE NO. 1800-266-8800 (INDIA) For detailed technical specifications, please refer to the respective product data sheets / quotation. Due to continuous product improvements, specifications and appearance are subject to change without prior notice. Extra-corporeal Shock Wave Lithotri

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WITH ALLENGERS HF-49 C-ARM Technique shown to Iso-centre the stone on X-Y-Z axis using three X-Ray images to pinpoint Extra corporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy - commonly called ESWL or Lithotripsy is a safe, effective and easy procedure for kidney stones. High energy Shockwaves are used to pulverize the kidney stones into sand like particles, which the body eliminates through the urinary tract. Shocks Waves are administered through a water medium, directly over the site of the kidney stone. - Performed as an out patient procedure. - It is non-invasive so there is low risk of infection,...

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