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TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS X-ray Generator X-ray generator: High Frequency (HF) X-ray generator Maximum power: VENUS : 3.5 KW/ VENUS+: 5.0 KW X-ray Tube X-ray tube: Rotating anode X-Ray tube Target material: Molybdenum Stand Assembly Breast compression : Automatic compression with digital display of compression force, (provision is given for release of compression paddle on powerfailure.) Collimator: Light beam collimator with auto shut off after 1 Exposure switch : Hand switch with retractable cord for Bucky assembly : Bucky with motor operated oscillating grid Film marking device: Alpha numeric identification system. Filter changer : Molybdenum and Aluminium filter changer. Protection screen : Free standing, transparent lead glass for operator protection. Power Requirement voltage/frequency, available), 15 amps with independent earthing on the wall socket. Vertical movement (motor operated): 600 mm Angular movement of X-ray tube & bucky: ± 180° Source to image distance (SID): 650 mm Standard Accessories Cone, Collimation plate for 18 x 24cm, Compression paddles (normal & spot), Retractable cord, Film marking device. Optional Accessories Bucky with motor operated grid of 24x32 cm, Collimation plate for 24x30 cm, Rhodium filter (in lieu of Aluminium Filter), Magnification device (1.8x), Additional Devices (Optional) Stereotactic biopsy device, Collimation plate for biopsy, Digitizer, Analog biopsy (hole plate), Dual angle tube (10°/l 6°), Dual metal tube, Patient chair, Phantom. Quality, System and Safety Certifications CERTIFIED ISO 9001:2008 EN IS013485:2012 AERB APPROVED ALLENGERS MEDICAL SYSTEMS LTD. S.C.O. 212-213-214, SECTOR 34-A, CHANDIGARH -U.T 160 022 (INDIA) EUROPEAN REPRESENTATIVE: JMC Medical Sprl (Mr. Jean Marc Claeys) DOMESTIC SALES: INTERNATIONAL SALES: 58, Avenue du Pare de Woluwe, B-1160 Brussels, Belgium TOLL FREE NO. 1800-266-8800 (INDIA) For detailed technical specifications, please refer to the respective product data sheets / quotation. Due to continuous product improvements, specifications and appearance are subject to change without prior notice. TECHNOLOGY... GIVING NEW LIFE

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Workflow Productivity Lead Protection Screen Digital Display (Force / Distance / Angled Foot Switch for breast compression up/down When Every Detail Counts, Automatic Exposure Control (AEC) • Auto selection of radiographic factors as per patient's anatomy. • Saves time. • Eliminates retakes. • As an AEC monitors the X-rays transmitted through the breast, it increases the diagnostic capability. • Lowers dose. • Full featured automatic exposure control with 5 step density control and 5 different film screen combinations. A solid state detector ensures the accuracy and exposure consistency. •...

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SIDE VIEW Patient Comfort Compression Shown Using A Breast Equivalent Phantom Good compression of the breast is one of the essentials of effective Potential benefits derived from compression include : • A more uniform breast thickness resulting in a better fit of the exposure so that the maximum amount of tissue can be imaged and examined. • Reduced blurring from patient motion. • Reduced scattered radiation and improved contrast sensitivity. • Reduced radiation dose. • Better visualization of tissues nearthe chest wall. The International Commission on Radiation Units & Measurement (ICRU)...

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Digital Stereotactic Biopsy System Rotation of the Tube Head Column with Biopsy • System operational types • Biopsy range • Position accuracy • Position control • Needle types • Cassette size X-ray film, CR cassette film Motorized. PC automatic control The digitizer is the electronic unit of the biopsy system containing marking device for the positional data of lesion. This positional data is transferred to a PC to guide the needle carrier. During biopsy procedure, the X-ray film is placed on the light tray of the biopsy digitizer. Marking the target with the digitizer mouse sends the data...

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