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Dental Implants - 1

Dental Implants Dental structures by Altimed for reconstructive surgery

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Dental Implants - 2

Dental implants are intended for complete replacement of teeth and serve the basis for allceramic ■ '' • # - / and metal-ceramic dental reconstructions. Anybody can accidentally lose teeth as a result of trauma or development of caries or periodontitis. While being a major problem earlier, nowadays you can restore your lost teeth by applying dental implants. Implants are designed as small titanium screws -high-tech arrangements similar to natural tooth roots that integrate into the jaw and serve a solid foundation for artificial teeth - both single and bridge designs. Implant-based teeth...

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Dental Implants - 3

DUOFIX Dental implant Cylindrical screw-type implants with a special area designed for integration with gingival tissues and titanium dioxide coating Soft tissue ingrowth area A soft porous polymer insert provides for the implant integration with the surrounding gingival tissues and serves an infrastructure for the formation of new tissues. When the gum grows in, the implant bed closes off any access to food particles, plaque, microorganisms, prevents inflammation, infections, loss of bone tissue in the implant bed and benefits to oral hygiene. In a longer perspective, the effect of...

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Dental Implants - 4

List of surgical and orthopedic components for implantations and dental structures There are two ways to get impression copings: open tray and closed tray techniques. Adapter Auxiliary component for implant placement in the prepared bone hole. Adapter D3.5 • Open tray Transfer for open tray impression M1.6 • Transfer for open tray impression M2.0 • Transfer screw (open tray) M1.6 • Transfer screw (open tray) M2.0 • Surgical screw The surgical screw closes the inside of the implant after the implantation, preventing the ingestion of food particles, plaque, microorganisms. Closed tray...

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Dental Implants - 5

Surgical protocol In order to avoid overheating of the bone, drilling should be performed by forward/reverse movements with continuous cooling by use of sterile solution. All surgical instruments are designed for external cooling to be applied and drilling at speeds ranging 400-2000 rpm. Measurement of mucosal thickness Probing of the prosthetic bed mucous membrane shall be made the sharp end of the depth gauge available in the kit. Bone bed preparation At the implantation site, a mucosal incision shall be made, and the mucoperiosteal flap shall be elevated for further suturing of tissues...

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Dental Implants - 6

Surgical protocol The depth of the implant bed is controlled using a depth gauge. The depth gauge features special marks to verify that the depth of the bone hole matches the length of the implant selected at the pre-operation planning phase. Implant removal Read the label, check the specified implant size as selected. Then, open the package and remove the sterile blister pack, remove the lid from the blister. The implant assembly kit contains an adapter secured with a fixing screw. Implant placement Place the implant in the bone bed with adapter screwdriver using a ratchet wrench or...

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Dental Implants - 7

nstruments The implant location relative to the level The instrument kit is supplied in a convenient container,of the bone ridge and gingival tissue is a critical point. suitable for steam sterilisation. Dynamometer torque wrench Parallel pins The goal is to achieve the integration The polymer part may be placed below of gingival tissue into the implant’s polymer part. the bone ridge level. The implant should be positioned in such a way that the gingival tissue covers the implantation area. Depth gauge Drills D4.5 — Drills D4.2 — Drills D3.65 — Drills D3.2 — Parallel pins Test-abutment 04,...

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Dental Implants - 8

Start drill 8 mm Depth gauge Depth gauge for mucosal probing and bone depth measurements Dynamometer torque wrench Adjustable torque limit wrench (20-80 N·cm) 901401-02 Adjustable torque limit wrench L27 9012350000-50 Machine screwdriver for adapter Ratchet screwdriver for adapter Ratchet screwdriver for adapter Machine screwdriver for adapter L27 Machine screwdriver Reamers with stoppers

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Dental Implants - 9

Computer planning of operations Implant stability assessment 3D digital scan technology allows youto simulate the location of implants and orthopedic components by using a computer model of the patient’s oral cavity. At the simulation phase, the chewing surfaces of teeth and inter-dental colours are subject to analysis, the points of increased load are eliminated, and the bite is optimised for ideal fit. A new tooth model can be transmitted from any place worldwide for highprecision industrial implant manufacturing. Contrary to conventional lab environment, 3D computer picture simulates the...

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Dental Implants - 10

Dental implant DUOFIX Surgical screw Instruments Denta Denta Denta Denta Denta Denta Denta Denta Denta Denta Denta Denta Denta Denta Denta Denta Denta Denta Denta Denta Surgical screw M1.6 h0.7 Surgical screw M1.6 h2.0 Surgical screw M1.6 h3.0 Surgical screw M2.0 h0.7 Surgical screw M2.0 h2.0 Surgical screw M2.0 h3.0 Transfers Transfer for open tray impression M1.6 Transfer for open tray impression M2.0 Transfer screw (open tray) M1.6 Transfer screw (open tray) M2.0 Transfer for closed tray impression M1.6 Transfer for closed tray impression M2.0 Transfer cap for closed tray impression...

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Dental Implants - 11

Manufactured by Altimed JSC ul. Dimitrova 5, Suite 12, 220004 Minsk, BELARUS +375 17 348-8254 Quality Management System ISO 13485 certified ALTmED gue of Dental ImPiants- yersjOnl9^^(N®»®Ct0ber 2019.

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